Buying A Rowing Machine

What To Look For When Buying A Rowing Machine?

A rowing machine is a good cardiovascular workout kit and provides you with a good full-body workout. If you want to buy the best rowing machine you have to know some facts and features about the rowing machine that will help you know what kind of machine you need and for that, you can follow this article.

For your convenience, I am going to write the guide in few steps so that you can get the best product easily.

Step 1: Sufficient Space For The Rowing Machine

It is very obvious and it is important to know that if you have the space for a rowing machine because it is quite big and almost the same as two-seat sofas. You can use it as a reference and find the space for the rower at your convenience.

For your information, the water and air machine’s resistance have a larger footprint than the hydraulic piston machine’s footprint. So, you should determine the space where you are going to set the rowing machine up and once you determine the size you can find the size from the rowing machine size chart.

Step 2: Determine Your Budget

You need to figure out, how much you can spend on the rowing machine. There are many rowing machines in different price ranges, from $100 to $3000 and it is very obvious that the higher the price range will be, the better-quality rowing machine you will get and you should keep it in mind when you determine your budget.

So, you should figure your budget and for that, you can find your right rowing machine model in a short period because then you will spend time in fewer models. So, you have to stick to your budget because it helps you from overspending and when you see a higher-quality product it will attract you easily. many negative reviews come from the users, that the rowing machine is not good enough but you should know that lower budget machine will give you lower service. Now if you are confused about the budget and quality, so here is a quick estimate on price and quality –

  • $400 and under – Lower range
  • $400 – $700 – Medium Range
  • Over $700 – High range

I think you should go for the lower to medium range and for the best deal, you should research more.

Step 3: How You Will Use The Rowing Machine

After buying the rowing machine how will you use it and what is the purpose of using the rowing machine. You should determine the purposes before buying the rowing machine.
Is for home use or commercial use

Almost every rowing machine is convenient for homely use but if you want to use it for commercial use such as gyms, health clubs, and boathouses you cannot use the indoor rowing machine.

So, if you are going to use it at home any rowing machine is good but if you are going to use the rowing machine you should ensure that the machine is commercial quality and durable built for heavy use. If you have more members like 5 members or more in your family you should go for a semi-commercial as you have to consider how many people are going to use the product.

For multiple-use water rowers are great such as WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine also you can go for Concept2 Model D Home/Commercial Rowing Machine which is great for both home-use and commercial purposes.

On the Water Simulation: If you want to row on the water then you should go for a water simulated rowing machine. It is critical to select a machine with a realistic rowing action and varied resistance that simulates a boat on the sea. The majority of off-season rowers prefer air and water resistance rowing machines.

Sharing the rowing machine: If you are not the only person who is going to use the machine then you should keep them in the mind and go for a rowing machine that has different resistance levels because every user has different strength and comfort.

You should also keep in mind that each rowing machine has a different weight and height capacity, so select a rower that is appropriate for all users. you can also buy that rowing machine that has monitor included different user-profiles and function so that users can store their profile.

Step 4: Different Resistance Types

Resistance is very important for a rowing machine and a rowing machine has four different resistances. The types are Air, hydraulic-piston, magnetic, and water but there is an air/magnetic combination rower. Each type has its own set of features, as well as benefits and drawbacks. knowing about the various types of rowing machines provides you with a clear concept of how rowing machines operate and you will be able to know which type is preferable for you that helps you to massively to reduce down your search. Resistance and budget are the most essential decision when it comes to buying a rowing machine. Here is a short description of the different resistance types.

Water: The water resistance rowing machine provides you with a real feeling and sound that you will feel like you are boating on a sea. The rowing intensity of the user determines the resistance which is similar to the air rowing machine. The paddles that glide through the water, produce resistance and make noise, yet it’s soothing since it sounds like what you would hear when rowing outside. Their water resistance rowers are usually the most expensive rowers of all the types.

Air: Air resistance rowing machine is kind of like water resistance because the rowing intensity of the user determines the resistance. The air rower is very common in gyms and health clubs. Theblades in air machine provides resistance and make some noise, but the rowing motion on these rowing machines is still quite smooth.

Hydraulic Piston: Resistance is mostly adjustable, and the hydraulic pistons which can provide resistance are silent and when it is not in use, you can compact and store it easily. These are affordable of all resistance kinds.

Magnetic: Magnetic resistance rowers are almost silent because it featured the brake system that prevents noise. It is smooth to use and resistance is generally adjustable. Magnetic rowers’ resistance is usually less than air and water. these rowers are very durable and hardly need any maintenance.

Step 5: Read Reviews

Now we can say you have a basic idea about the rowing machine so you can choose what type of rower you want to buy and also what is your budget and resistance. Now you should research the models that are in the range of your budget and that type you want to buy.

You should read the review of these models to get the best deal in your budget. When you read the reviews, you should focus on some topics. Here are some of the examples:

  • The machine’s material and durability
  • Is the seat, handlebar, footrests comfortable or not and how comfortable are they?
  • Does the machine make any uneven noise?
  • Is the model having any monitor? If there is a monitor then how it works and what data it displays and what are the special features?
  • The maximum weight capacity
  • How do users feel after using it?
  • The storage capacity
  • Other special features

Every rowing machine has a detailed description including build quality, resistance type, performance monitor, comfort, user capacity, warranty, pros and cons, and much more, you should read that carefully before taking the decision.

Here is the guideline for the right rowing machine for you. Buying a rowing machine is not easy for a beginner but if you follow the step you will get to know what type of rowing machine do you want.

The second step and the fourth step are very important for the rowing machine because if you buy the expensive one that is uncomfortable for you and has a different level of resistance that could be a trouble for you.

The first step is also essential because if you buy a rower that takes more space than your house then it will be a disaster and last but not least make sure you have read enough reviews after buying the product. Now that you have known about the steps and the basics of the machine hopefully, you will get the perfect rowing machine for you.

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