What Muscles Does The Cross Trainer Work

What Muscles Does The Cross Trainer Work?

Are you concerned about your fitness and want to bring your arms, thighs, hips, and legs in shape? Then you can take the help of the elliptical trainer. It is the perfect fitness gearto strengthen almost all the muscles existinginthe human body.

Additionally, the elliptical cross-training machine has a significant advantage. It allows you to modify the workouts and the movements.

For this added benefit, you will be able tofocus on the less strong muscles specifically. Also, you can target the specific muscles you want to work with to get in better shape and fitness.

This article will enlighten you on which muscles of our body get involved when you work out on the elliptical cross-trainer and how you can maximize the output of your fitness sessions.

Involved Muscles In The Elliptical Cross Trainer Workouts

The elliptical training machine can work on almost each body muscle situated in the lower and upper areas of a human body.

The Muscles Of The Lower Body

1. The hamstrings and the quadriceps: The muscles situated at the frontand the backside of the thighsconstantly work while pedaling or striding. When the user strokes backward, he can make the hamstrings more involved in the workout.

And when he starts to pedal frontward, the quadriceps work more. So, if you stroke the pedals of the elliptical training machine, you will be able to make your thighs stronger by involving the hamstrings and the quadriceps in an efficient way.

2. The glutes (small, medium, and large buttocks): The glutes or gluteal muscles lay at the buttocks area. This muscle genre is a group of three muscles: small, medium, and large buttocks.You can train this section when you pedal the elliptical cross-training machines. And, if you pedal backward, the workout activates the glutes more.

The best way to maximize the impact on the gluteal muscles and tone the hips is to hold onto the immobile handlebars at the center. Then it would be best if you put your bums slightly back, imagining you were about to sit.

At this point, keep both of your knees at the angle of 90 degrees just like you make the posture in a High-Intensity Interval Trainingor HIIT workout.

3. The calves: The calves are the muscles positioned on the backside of the legs. They also involve during pedaling at the elliptical training sessions.

The Muscles Of The Upper Body

1. Muscles of the heart: The most important muscle involved in an efficient elliptical training session is the muscle of the heart.

Like the other cardio machines, the elliptical cross-training machine also makes your heart muscles involved in the workout session. Also, it increases the contraction strength of the heart, which lowers the threat of cardiovascular diseases.

2. Thetriceps and the biceps: The muscles located at the front and the backside of the arms are respectively biceps and triceps.

The biceps and the triceps work when you pull and push the cross-training bike’s moving handles, respectively. It increases the power of your arms.

3. The muscles of the chest: These muscles work and involve in the workout effectively while pushing the handlebars.

4. The Latissimus Dorsi or the back muscle: This muscle forms the shape of V at your back. It works while pulling the moving handles of the cross-trainer.

Moreover, you can improve your balance and body posture by pedaling without holding the handlebars.

Some Tips

  • You have to keep in mind that to get the desired result, you must focus on the resistance of your workout. If you exercise with a very minimum level of resistance, the impact will be very insignificant. So you have to ensure that you are working out with a higher resistance level that will suit your body type. With the increasing rate of expertise and stamina, you have to increase the level of resistance. Because the more the resistance level, the better the output will be. Just be patient and gradually level up your fitness game.
  • While striding with the elliptical machine, do not pressurize your toes by putting all your weight on it.Instead, put the bodyweight a little on the backside of the feet. Thusyour body muscles will work harder.
  • Also,while exercising, ensure to not look at the feet; instead, lookat the frontward. It will help to keep the back straight.


The elliptical cross-training machines offer usmore benefits than we get from stationary bikes. It works on both the lower and the upper body muscles, such as thighs, legs, buttocks, arms, back, and belly.

So, if you want to shape up your entire body or aim to focus on any specific area, try doing elliptical cross-training. The result will amaze you with the magical output.

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