Spin Bike Buying Guide

Spin Bike Buying Guide

There are a lot of exercise bikes in the market nowadays with different features, workout modes and structure. So, it may get harder for you to choose the most suitable bike which will meet your requirements.

However, there is nothing to worry about as we will be guiding you to choose the best indoor bike according to your needs and preferences.

The basic factors that you should keep in mind while getting a cycling bike are as follows:


Budget is an incredibly important factor because your buying decision will mostly depend on this issue. You will find indoor bikes with different price ranges in the market from £200 to £1000.

So it is necessary to fix your budget first and then you can analyze the other features. This is for sure that you will get a good-quality bike with lots of features and enhanced adjustability on a higher budget.

Users’ Height

Users’ height is another key factor while getting the best cycling bike. You can measure your height especially from the floor to your hip and this measurement will help you to choose the most suitable bike which will fit your body.

Knowing the inseam height is also important. You will not be able to adjust the height of the handlebars and saddle of most cycling bikes. It’s difficult for shorter people to find an effective and comfortable position on the cycling bike.

For those who have a height over 5 feet, the bike with 2 feet inseam height is most appropriate for them.

Resistance Mechanism

All the indoor cycling bikes come with two types of resistance system which are Friction resistance and magnetic resistance system.

Magnetic Resistance System

In a magnetic resistance system, the position of the magnet is very close to the flywheel.

The magnets move closer towards the flywheel when the resistance is higher that helps the flywheel to slow its motion and it becomes more difficult to pedal.

Friction Resistance System

Friction resistance is a felt or cotton pad on the side of the top of the flywheel. The felt pad pushes against the flywheel when you crank up the resistance. The pushing of the felt pad slows down the momentum and makes the cycling more difficult and increases the resistance.

If you want to know which one is better it will completely depend on your preferences and budget. Generally, the more expensive indoor bikes come with a magnetic resistance mechanism.

Differences between magnetic and friction resistance

TopicMagnetic resistance SystemFriction resistance System
NoiseNoise freeGenerates lower noise
MaintenanceAs there is no definite connection between the flywheel and magnet, this system requires very little maintenance.There may be tear and wear on the felt pads which require regular maintenance.
MaintenanceAs there is no definite connection between the flywheel and magnet, this system requires very little maintenance.There may be tear and wear on the felt pads which require regular maintenance.
Effective ResistanceThe magnetic resistance system doesn’t cause any problem to increase the resistance over time.Friction resistance may take an additional number of turns to increase the resistance after consistent use for a certain time.

Flywheel Weight

The flywheel weight of the bike is another important factor to consider while getting an indoor exercise bike. The weight will determine the smoothness and consistency of the cycling.

For instance, if the weight of the flywheel of your bike is lower than 15 kilograms your pedalling can be slightly inconsistent and bumpy.

The weight range between 18-20 kilograms (39-44 pounds) is the most appropriate range when it comes to the flywheel weight of an indoor cycling bike. You may get a heavier flywheel than the aforementioned range but the price will also go up in that case.

The flywheel that weighs in between 18 to 20 KGs is the ideal one and will offer you a smooth and consistent workout experience. However, people of smaller size may prefer a lightweight flywheel as it will make it easier to push the pedals at the beginning of the workout.

Drive System

The Drive system rotates the flywheel by the pushing momentum of the pedals. There are two types of the drive system which are chain drive and belt drive system.

Chain Drive System

In a chain drive system, the chain rolls over a sprocket wheel and connects to the flywheel. Chain drive is exactly the system that we find in regular outdoor bikes.

Belt Drive System

In the belt drive system, there will be a Poly-V belt rather than a chain. The material of the belt is tough Kevlar. There will be no sprocket in the belt drive system and it simply rotates to the flywheel from the pedals.

Difference between Chain and Belt Drive system

TopicBelt Drive SystemChain Drive System
NoiseThere are nearly no noises in the belt drive system.As the chain rolls over the sprocket wheel you may hear clinking noises in the chain drive system.
MaintenanceBelt driven bikes require very little maintenance because there is no moving part. Also, the belt drive system is very strong and durable which means there will be no risk of snapping and breaking.The chain drive system requires maintenance regularly such as oiling the chain drive to keep the bike working and moving well.

Additional Features

The price varies to a great extent based on the additional features. When there will be additional features in the bike the price will go up too.

The major additional features are:

Ant+ Connectivity or Bluetooth

You will get an excellent experience throughout your workout if your bike comes with ANT+ connectivity or Bluetooth capabilities. You can connect your bike with cycling apps which will allow you to witness your real-road riding.

Also, the apps will show you real-time information via tablet/phone or PC which will allow you to observe and record your workout progress. There are lots of apps that are quite functional such as Trainerroad, Zwift, Kinomap, Peloton Digital, Bkool, Rouvy, etc.

The ANT+ connectivity and Bluetooth will be incredibly beneficial for your cycling and for achieving your fitness goal.

However, if these features are not available in your bike you can connect to these apps by connecting a speed sensor and cadence or power meter pedals.

Getting the option to monitor your stats and riding statistics in real-time, and also how well you’re doing, encourages you to squeeze every last ounce of energy from your workout.

Duel Pedals

Most of the standard bikes come with caged pedals that help to keep the feet in an appropriate place during intense cycling.

You just need to keep your feet in the cages and tighten the straps and you are good to go. Some indoor bikes come with duel pedals and this feature makes the bike more expensive.

Duel pedals mean you will have pedals without clips on one side and the other side, there will be standard caged pedals. The other name of the strapless pedals is the SPD pedal.

You can tick cycling shoes while doing exercise with the strapless pedals. if you want to get rid of the cost of buying a cycling shoe you can go for the clipless one.

But, the caged pedals will lock your feet and guarantee that there will be no sliding or slipping off. It will also be beneficial for your power and tempo during your cycling because it helps to pull the motion when you bring back the pedal around. This activity will trigger your hamstrings excellently.

Getting Others’ Reviews

You can get a better idea of the bike by getting other users’ review and the thought of others regarding the bike.

Moreover, you can simply browse the bike over the internet and YouTube which will give you a clearer concept of the bike in a short time.

Our Recommendation

We have shortlisted some bikes that come with superior features and enhanced comfort.

The bikes and their best features are as follows:

Sunny Health & Fitness: Sunny Health & Fitness comes with 44 pounds flywheel, sturdy steel frame, belt drive, magnetic resistance and tablet holder.

JLL IC300 PRO: This bike is one of the bests in the UK which comes with a 20 KG flywheel, belt drive system, magnetic resistance and easily usable console.

Sole Fitness SB700: The Sole Fitness has 22 kilograms weighted flywheel, friction resistance, LCD monitor, strong and durable frame and tablet holder.

The above-mentioned factors play a vital role to get the most suitable bike as per your preferences and requirements. So first define your requirements, set your budget and go through our buying guide, you are good to go.

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