Rowing Machine With Screen UK

Rowing Machine With Screen UK

A rowing machine is essentially a workout or exercise equipment. Most fitness enthusiasts lookout for a rowing machine with a video screen as it makes the workout exciting.

Are you searching for a water rowing machine with a screen or a rowing machine with a touch screen?

You sure are in the right place! Below are some rowing machines with a screen you can use even for home use.

Rowing Machine With Screen Purchase In 2023

Here are our 7 best rowing machine with video screen in the UK market.

1. NordicTrack RW900 Interactive Rower

Nordictrack Rowing Machine

  • It is an immersive 22-inch interactive HD rowing machine with a touchscreen.
  • This Rower can fold in half after work out creating impact storage.
  • Innovative space design
  • 26 digital resistance level

Also called the fitness game-changer, this machine is great for increasing stamina. The NordicTrack RW900 interactive power is a good product for home use. It provides you ease in workout sessions and it streams on-demand iFit workouts directly to your equipment.

It has 26 Digital Resistance Levels which you will be thrilled by. You should know that this product is a great assistance in auto-adjusting your smart rower’s resistance.

The NordicTrack RW900 interactive power is a good product for home use. You definitely can’t go wrong with this piece as it optimizes workouts that meet your innovative goals. It allows you to connect your Bluetooth headphones during a workout session. It is water-resistant as its material is plastic.

It has a two-year warranty valid if you register within 28 days of purchase and is a 130kg Max User Weight. The machine comes in assembled dimensions of 218 x 55 x 125 inches.


2. JLL Ventus Air Rowing Machine

JLL Ventus Air Rowing Machine

  • Inbuilt self-generating fan
  • Eleven-function LCD monitor
  • Air resistant
  • Phone and tablet holder

Exercises have been proven to help people achieve their fitness goals all over the world. And the JLL Ventus rowing machine has proven to be a must-have tool. This 2023 model is known to be responsible for creating fitness cardio workouts with a super smooth slideway. It comes with a 12-month warranty, 8 levels of magnetic resistance, advanced driving belt system.

If you are on a search for one of the best rowing machines, this is a perfect pick. JLL fitness is packed with outstanding features which you to train like a pro in the comfort of your own home. This rowing machine a good for an indoor workout.

This machine is well equipped with magnetic and air resistance features which ensures that the faster you row the more air is sucked into the flywheel and the harder the resistance will be. It is designed with an advanced rowing simulator. It can be used by a user weighing 120kG.

You can decide to place your smartphone or your tablet in the tablet holder for your in-workout entertainment. While you exercise, a premium LCD monitor gives you the freedom to track your progress.

You can easily track your distance, calories, time, strokes per minute, and pulse.

Its ergonomic handlebar is properly designed and coated in sweat-resistant nonslip plastic which is responsible for providing an irritation-free and comfortable workout.



3. LZ Leisure Zone BTM Home Foldable Rowing Machine

LZ Rowing machine

  • Durable steel blades
  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • 8 Magnetic resistance levels.
  • Fluent sliding and silent magnetic resistance.

LZ Leisure Zone BTM Rowing Machine is fantastic equipment for effective whole-body workouts. It helps to build total-body strength and also helps in engaging major muscles like arms, work legs, core, shoulder, back, and neck with a smooth, high calorie-burning motion.

Its LCD monitor displays count, speed, time distance, and calories burned during the workout routine. This ensures that you modify your current routine appropriately, track your training progress and keep you further motivated.

You will be satisfied with the fact that it ensures safe footing during the workout and padded grip handlebar. These are responsible for offering a comfortable grip while enduring those long rides. This product makes it easy to adjust properly to your stretches. That’s how convenient this product is.

It has built-in transportation wheels that are portable, foldable, and easy to move around without much stress. Also, it comes with durable steel blades built to provide excellent cardio benefits and strengthen muscles. And the resistance Blades are also designed to resist rust and last for a longer period

The magnetic resistance system provides you with a smooth and quiet fitness journey with fluent sliding and silent magnetic resistance. It has a folded design for easy storage and movement due to its built-in transportation wheels for easy portability.

It has a thickened and widened aluminium monorail, with a properly padded seat and padded handlebars that are fully fitting for the body.



4. Sunny Health Fitness Rower

Sunny Health & Fitness Water Rowing Machine

  • Slide rail/inseam length of 124 cm (49 in)
  • Designed with moulded padded seat
  • Max user weight: 113 KG (250 LB)
  • High-density non-marking rubber wheels

In case you are looking for a water rowing machine with a screen, this is a perfect fit. Studies have indicated rowing can work up to 85% of the body’s muscular system without the joint impact of other conventional cardio exercises. This in turn results in higher calorie expenditure in a shorter period.

Be more efficient and elevate your workout with Sunny Health Fitness Rower. A top-quality product with water-resistant features that gives you a steady and smooth experience while you stroke. It comes with an R2 fitness meter which ensures that essential workout metrics are accurately tracked.

Its steel fan blade has a dynamic response and unlimited water resistance giving you a unique experience and feeling. You can focus properly due to the comfort it brings based on its moulded padded seat with a direction of 25 cm x32 cm. It has a slip-resistant handlebar with soft padded foam grip support which helps you in maintaining performance throughout your workout.

You can easily track what you are doing and ensure there is progress with the digital monitor screen. The wrist strap shows how fast your heart is beating. The sunny health fitness rower also has foot levellers and Velcro straps that could be adjusted to your foot width for stability.


5. Bigzzia Rowing Machine

Bigzzia Rowing Machine

  • Shock Absorber System
  • Movable Transport Wheels
  • Aluminium Sliding Rail
  • 16 Magnetic Resistance Adjustment

With a net weight of 20kg and a package weight of 23.5kg, this adjustable magnetic resistance rowing machine is a great piece with undoubtedly the best features. For home or indoor use, and also for gym and outdoor purposes, this is a retreat workout.

Bigzzia Rowing is designed to give the utmost convenience while working out. It consists of an ergonomic padded seat, a convenient large LCD monitor, and built-in transportation wheels. The anti-slip handlebars are designed to be comfortable to hold while absorbing sweat and preventing it from becoming slippery. Its floor stabilizers prevent the machine from rocking, tipping, or swaying on uneven surfaces either on hardwood floors or on carpets.

Just when you feel invigorated to go on the workout, you can experience convenience provided by the tension knob which allows you to adjust the resistance of the machine. Throughout your fitness journey, your rowing machine workout can remain challenging and effective with the support of the digital monitor specially made to track your workout process.

For support and comfort in maintaining performance during movement, it is equipped with slip resistance handlebars made of soft padded foam. It comes with an iPhone/iPad stand which helps you stay active while playing music and prevent you from getting bored.

Unlike other rowing machines, you can decrease and increase the 16 levels of magnetic resistance, with a simple twist. To help you enjoy and meet your exercise goals, The LCD monitor displays the distance, time, calories, and counts.

Another impressive feature of this rower is that it has a shock absorber underneath the sliding rail which creates safety during the workout.


6. Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine

Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine

  • Double aluminium sliding rail
  • Upright storage for space-saving
  • 3D cushioning seat
  • 15 adjustable magnetic resistance levels

This article will not be complete without the Dripex magnetic rowing machine included. You can be sure to experience stress-free and rewarding work because of how special it was designed and built. It is perfect for home use and also fit for an outdoor gym.

The Dripex magnetic rowing machine comes with an upper silent indoor rower with a double aluminium sliding rail. It has a 5-level adjustable resistance and an LCD monitor making it perfect for strength and cardio training. This machine is fit for daily routine exercise as it covers your planned excursion while making it worth your time.

Made to compliment a total home gym, this is a priceless asset that assists you in achieving your wellness and health goals. The machine contains the latest design and is constructed from materials of high quality. It has a flywheel of 6.6 lbs./3 kg, a max weight of 265 lbs./120 kg. It is made of steel, aluminium, and PU leather material. It has a shock absorber that ensures stability in movement.

It has a none skip handler bar that increases endurance and comfort in every rowing workout and also provides an anti-slip grip for consistent use. For the stability of the movement, the angle of the pedal pad and length of the foot straps are both adjustable and can be adapted to users of different ages and body types.


7. JLL Ventus 3 Air Rowing Machine

JLL Ventus 3 Air Rowing Machine

  • Magnetic + air resistance
  • Advanced towing stimulants
  • 9 function monitors
  • Twin barrel aluminium slideway

JLL Ventus 3 air resistance rowing machine is sure to get you in the mood for work out. Not only is it Kinomap App Compatible, but it also has an advanced driving belt system. So, whenever you decide to lose some weight, feel fit and have your heart running healthily, take a go on this rowing machine and get the satisfaction you want. This product has great value for money because of its high specifications and quality.

Equipped with both air and electromagnetic resistance, you can use it for a whole-body workout to sculpt and define each muscle. When it comes to weight loss, tracking is important. And the

JLL Ventus 3 air resistance home rowing machine makes it easy for you to keep note of time, strokes, distance, and calories burned. Like most other rowing machines, it also tracks your pulse rate with the use of a heart rate band which emits a 2.4G signal to pair.

Easy storage and folding mechanism which allows you to transport and flips the rower with ease. It has a dial aluminium sideways which allows you a smoother feel during exercises and reduces wattage movement. It possesses 16 Levels of electro-magnetic resistance combined with air resistance quality.

There is a direct belt drive for comfortable rowing in both back and forward directions. This tough rubber belt makes sure that it requires less maintenance as well as ensuring the quiet operation of the machine.



After reading this article, you should know that there are different rowers for specific and various uses. So, when purchasing a water towing machine with a screen, or a regular rowing machine with a large screen, ensure it fits your needs and specifications.

Exercising on your rowing machine is a great treat. And once you become a pro, you can create daily workout routines without issues.