Most Comfortable Rowing Machine

Most Comfortable Rowing Machine

Exercise can be a strenuous activity, which is why you must be searching for the most comfortable rowing machines out there.

We want to take away the arduous task of finding the right rowing machine that fits all your requirements.

So, we have listed out the best quality rowing machines below.

Comfortable Rowing Machine Purchase In 2023

Here are our 9 comfortable rowing machine in the UK market.

1. Concept 2 Model D

Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower

  • Max. user weight capacity 227 kg
  • Air resistance mechanism
  • Aluminum material type
  • Bluetooth Smart

The Concept 2 rower has already made a name for itself as a luxury workout equipment that focuses on minimizing strain and maximizing results. It was intentionally engineered with an ergonomic design that has an elegant look while still being effective. Battery-powered, you never have to worry about power outages or wiring during a workout.

This comfortable rowing machine provides a low-impact workout that is effective for the full-body, toning muscles, and burning calories. As a piece of multipurpose equipment, you can also use it for upper bodywork and improving cardiovascular health. The flywheel is specially designed to give a smooth rowing action while minimizing noise.

Including the performance monitor 5, users can view their progress on the LCD screen via various measured indicators. These include count, stroke, distance, time, and SPM. With these details, you can personalize your training and optimize productivity.

It has a 35.5 cm height and nickel-plated belt-driven chain. The adjustable footrests and ergonomic handle are specially designed to ensure users are balanced and get a tight grip during workouts. Foldable and wheelable, there is no stress with the Concept 2 Model D rower.


2. NordicTrack Rowers RW700

Nordictrack Rowing Machine

  • Water and Magnetic resistance
  • Plastic material
  • 130 max. user weight capacity
  • Digital display type

The NordicTrack is classic rowing equipment that gives you all you need for a full-body workout with one rowing action. With it, you can build muscle, improve fitness, lose weight, and stretch out your limbs with little to no impact on the joints. The black color screams efficiency and that’s exactly what this rower provides.

The immersive 22-inch interactive touchscreen provides users with several benefits. The sensor tracker helps users properly assess their progress with values like count, speed, strokes, strokes/min, and calories burned. You can also stream on-demand, iFit workout videos directly to your equipment and learn from the pros.

This comfortable rowing machine comes with 26 digital resistance levels that are manually adjustable. With this feature, users can easily select their preferred level of intensity to challenge themselves and reduce strain. The iFit trainer also helps with the auto-adjust feature which optimizes your workout so you can meet your goals.

Its innovative SpaceSaver design allows you to easily fold your equipment in half and store it after use. Being Bluetooth enabled, users, can connect to the rower with their Bluetooth headset to watch videos or listen to music during exercise.


3. JLL R200 Luxury Home Rower

JLL R200 Luxury Home Rowing Machine

  • Aluminum and Alloy steel material type
  • Max. user weight capacity 100 kg
  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • LED screen display

The JLL rower has been around for over a decade and there’s a reason why. They have always come through with amazing workout equipment that is both aesthetically pleasing and very efficient. If you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle or build strength, the JLL R200 is a great choice. At 26.2 kg, the lightweight, foldable rowing machine is portable to move around.

10 levels of magnetic resistance give users a lot of leeway during workout sessions. With this feature, you can manually adjust the intensity according to your preference. It provides users with a chance to personalize their routine so they don’t get tired or demotivated.

Its advanced belt driving system gives you rapid engagement, and the sliding rail makes for a realistic rowing motion, akin to the real thing. The foldability of this rowing machine with the most comfortable seat makes it easy to store in tight storage spaces.

The LCD monitor also helps you track your training progress by giving you important details. These include; count, count/min, stroke, time, and speed. They help users better customize their experience.


4. XS Sports R310 Rowing Machine

XS Sports R310

  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • Alloy steel material type
  • LCD console display
  • 100 kg max. user weight capacity

If you’re looking for a comfortable rowing machine seat for any personal reason, then the XS sports R310 rower is probably right for you. The ergonomic shape of the foam-padded seat ensures that your spine is always in a natural position, limiting the possibility of injuries. This battery-powered rowing machine is tough and elegant at once, a trademark of XS Sports equipment.

It features a powder-coated frame that was designed to take any sort of weight, so no bending or accidental breakage during exercise. It can hold up to 100 kg weight so most people can make use of it. With the ability to fold and in-built wheels, you can easily pack up and transport to storage with ease.

With 10 levels of magnetic resistance, you get to choose how difficult your workout is going to be. As a newbie, it may serve you best to start low and then gradually increase the intensity as you get better. The 4 kg flywheel gives a natural feel to your rowing activity that seems real while being noiseless, so you can listen to music during a workout.


5. TOPIOM Rowing Machine

TOPIOM Rowing Machine

  • Walnut & Ashwood material type
  • Max. user capacity 180 kg
  • Water-resistance mechanism
  • Dark brown color

The TOPIOM rower is a high-quality piece of rowing equipment that is sure to help anyone meet their fitness goals. It was manufactured with tough wood which is treated to withstand any weight and the 180 kg carrying capacity says it all. This durable rower is great for burning calories, building muscle. And getting a full-body workout.

Suitable for all ages and genders, the TOPIOM rower is a versatile rowing machine that targets all the muscles with a low-impact workout. The aluminum alloy rails provide a smooth rowing experience that most home rowers can’t measure up to. Corrosion-resistant and less-deformable materials make sure that it is a one-time purchase.

Being Bluetooth enabled, you can connect your smartphone to the LCD Bluetooth monitor to take advantage of the Kinomap software. The body sensors help users keep track of their workout by calculating values like calories, theoretical distance, and training time.

It is a rowing machine with the most comfortable seat. The 3D ergonomic seat and impact-resistant seat helps you stay comfortable during long training sessions. The self-regulated resistance helps keep you in constant, consistent motion during a workout.


6. Bluefin Fitness BLADE AQUA Rower

Bluefin Fitness Blade Aqua W-1

  • LCD monitor display
  • Water-resistance mechanism
  • Ashwood material type
  • 40 kg net weight

If you want comfort during a workout, wooden rowing machines are usually your best bet. Although a little pricy, you will find that the Bluefin Fitness rower is well worth the investment. This durable rowing machine provides state-of-the-art effectiveness as it is feature-packed with a lot of tools that are sure to help you meet your fitness goals.

This rowing machine provides users with a realistic workout experience thanks to the water resistance mechanism. It mimics the natural rowing motion with the dual-chamber tank system which makes all the difference.

The LCD console is a very useful feature that lets you understand how much you have progressed during your sessions. With the Kinomap program which tracks your activity with sensors you can get the values of your strokes, distance covered, training duration, speed, and a lot more. All you have to do is connect your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone to the equipment and you’re ready to go.

When you’re done working out, you can easily pack up your lightweight equipment and store it with the in-built wheels. Being foldable, it can stand upright and enter even the most limited spaces.


7. V-fit Tornado Air Rower

V-fit Tornado Air Rower

  • Max. user weight capacity 115 kg
  • Alloy steel and Aluminum material type
  • LED screen display
  • Air resistance mechanism

This is a highly-effective rower that is great for the outdoors and indoors due to its lightweight. At 19.5 kg, you can easily fold and transport this rowing machine to and from storage thanks to the built-in wheels. The V-Fit tornado rower is an efficient calorie-burning machine that targets all the areas of the body including the glutes, calves, abs, legs, and arms.

The three-screen, 6-function LCD monitor gives you access to a lot of useful information to help you better customize your workout. Metrics like time, SPM, ambient temperature, distance, speed, and strokes are good indicators of training progress. With them, you can more accurately assess your workout sessions and make appropriate adjustments.

It has pivoting, oversize PVC footplates that are textured to reduce the risk of accidental slips. The adjustable Velcro foot straps and two-position mount gives users a solid base to work out from. This comfortable machine is equipped with ergonomic seats that take the curvature of your body to minimize strain.

The club-style, speed proportionate air resistance ensures that you can never get complacent during exercise as it always challenges you.


8. JLL Ventus 2 Air Rowing Machine

JLL Ventus Air Rowing Machine

  • Air and magnetic resistance mechanism
  • Aluminum and Alloy steel material type
  • 120 kg max. user weight capacity
  • 34.7 kg net weight

The JLL Fitness brand has two products on this list and it’s a testament to how determined they are to produce comfortable rowing machines. From the ergonomic seats to the anti-slip handlebars, this workout equipment was engineered to make your life as easy as possible. Coming in black, red, and silver color, you have a variety of choices.

The 8 levels of magnetic resistance available gives users the ability to control the intensity of their routine. Manually adjustable with a single knob, you can easily customize your experience by increasing or reducing the difficulty. Combined with air resistance, you get double the effects as all areas of your body are being worked.

The LCD monitor provides information like; time, calories burned, total strokes, pulse, distance, and temperature which are all useful values. With this information, you can personalize your workout routine to get the best out of your activity.

With a carrying capacity of 120 kg, most people can utilize this rower to and get high-performance. A rowing machine with the most comfortable seat, you can easily fold up the rower when done and then store it.


9. VIAVITO Sumi Rowing Machine

Viavito Sumi Folding Rowing Machine

  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • Alloy steel material type
  • Max. user weight capacity 120 kg
  • Built-in monitor display

The VIAVITO Sumi rower is an impressive piece of rowing equipment that is way too affordable for the value it brings. Aiming to corner the market, VIAVITO has released a rowing machine that rivals the higher-end products in performance and durability. It comes in a black color that gives it a unique look, able to fit into the ambiance of any room.

It has a comfortable rowing machine seat that has an ergonomic design that mimics the curvature of the human body. This helps the spine stay straight and upright while letting users remain in a natural position while rowing. The large pedals come with Velcro foot straps that ensure your feet stay balanced and in place.

The built-in LED screen displays important metrics like calories, count, count/min, strokes, distance, time, and speed. These are useful when you want to accurately assess your progress and helps you modify your routine when needed.

The VIAVITO rowing machine is foldable, which means that along with its lightweight, it is portable and easy to pack and unpack. The in-built wheels are attached beneath the rails to make transportation to and from storage stress-free.



When most people want to purchase a rower, they search for the most comfortable rowing machines which is understandable.

To get the best results, it is essential to know what you weigh, what your preferred resistance mechanism is, and how sturdy the rower is. So, take all these into account before deciding.