Is An Exercise Bike Good For Cardio

Is An Exercise Bike Good For Cardio?

Some people may wonder about the effectiveness and impact of exercise bikes while doing cardiovascular exercises. This article may help them to find the answers to their queries.

The effectiveness of your exercise bike for cardio will largely depend on the resistance and intensity level of your workout. If you pedal with low intensity and leisurely you may not get many benefits from your cycling.

But, cycling on your exercise bike with moderate or high intensity can help you to a great extent. The frequency and intensity of your workout will affect your cardio fitness the most.

Advantages of an Exercise Bike

You can exercise your lungs and heart without any added stress on injured and weak joints if you are having ankle, knee or hip joint problems like arthritis or bursitis. According to the Arthritis foundation cycling on a stationary bike is brilliant cardio that does not put any stress on the weight-bearing joints. Besides, the exercise bike makes cycling easier for those who are troubling with balance issues for being inactive in a workout for a longer period.

Recumbent bikes come with broader and larger seats that support your waist and back. The comfortable seat makes cycling easier for those who have back pain and other orthopaedic issues or does not feel comfortable on the seat of an upright bike.

Comparison with Other Exercise Equipment

An indoor exercise bike is one of the most effective and great equipments for doing a cardio workout at home or gym. However, you have to choose your exercise equipment based on your workout and fitness goals as well as your health and physical conditions. For example, you have to be careful while choosing your exercise equipment if you have any past injury or joint problems.

Both an elliptical machine and stationary bike are excellent choices for doing low-impact workouts which will be less stressful to the joints. If you are willing to do a full-body workout, a rowing machine is better whereas for lower body workouts a StairMaster is better. With the treadmill, you can do your natural movements at a specific pace such as running and walking.

Frequency and Intensity

The bikes with adjustable resistance mechanisms can offer you the best and most effective cardio workout. You can start with a 5-minute warm-up and pedal for 150 minutes per week in a moderate-intensity or 75 minutes per week in a vigorous or high intensity. According to professionals interval training is a brilliant way for maximizing cardio fitness.

For example, cycle for 1-2 minutes as vigorously as you can and take a 1-minute rest interval. Repeat this cycle of short and energetic bursts and then recovery for ten minutes. If you workout for 20/30 minutes of intervals with your increased fitness level.

Safety Measures to Take

You need to position the seat and handlebars correctly for minimizing the shoulder, back and groin pain. The height of the seat should make your knees bent slightly with your pedal strokes. You can ask for help from your instructors if you are a beginner and having trouble setting your exercise bike.

If you are facing the loss of bone density you can go for weight-bearing workouts like running or stair climbing rather than low-impact cycling. Also, you need to avoid those exercise equipment that can cause harm to your joints and can lead to bursitis or tendonitis.

An indoor exercise bike can have an effective impact on your cardio fitness if you pedal with the right intensity and frequency by taking proper safety measures.

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