How To Lose Weight On A Cross Trainer

How To Lose Weight On A Cross Trainer?

Are you noticing the extra deposit of belly fat? In most cases, as we get older, our bodies begin to gain weight more frequently. Moreover, loads of unnecessary belly fat are a prevalent issue nowadays.

These changes are hard to stop and beat but not impossible, though. Giving a little extra effort to nurture our bodies can make a huge difference.

If you own an elliptical machine, you are already a step nearer to your fitness goal. So, here are some suggestions along with valuable tipsfor getting rid of unwanted belly fat.

Ways to achieve the goal of burning belly fat

1. Make More Muscles Work Together

The more muscles involved in the workouts, the more calories you will burn. So, try to make most of your muscles work at once.

Elliptical machines can serve this purpose by being effective for both the lower and upper parts of the body.

2. Non-impact Nature

The elliptical machine is favorable for people having joint and overweight issues. For such persons, this machine has a non-impact nature.

This mode will allow the user to work out for a more extended period with more challenging intensity without causing any pain.

3. Right Body Positioning

Correctly positioning the body while doing elliptical training is one of the most vital facts of gaining the target of losing belly fat. For maintaining a good posture, you have to step up the machine and put your feet on the foot pedals precisely in the center.

You need to ensure that the feet will always be flat upon the pedal. Please do not use your toe or heel to pedal as doing such can cause undesirable pressure on the knees. The posture should be upright with the chest out while the shoulders pulled backward and downward.

4. Use The Moving Handlebars

The elliptical machine comes with two moving handlebars. You can either use this machine with these handlebars or without these handlebars.

But if you use them, your workout will get more intensified. You will need to pull and push these handles as your pedals, and your fitness session will become more effective.

5. Resistance Is The Key

You can level up your fitness by increasing the level of resistance. For gaining a better result, the level of resistance or tension should be higher.

When you pedal faster, you will burn more calories, resulting in burning more fat. Also, the harder the leg muscles will work counter to resistance, the more fat you will lose as it will burn more calories.

6. Be entertained Be Motivated

The biggest hinder to a fitness journey is the lack of enthusiasm and boredom. If you want to eliminate this hindrance from your path, you have to level up the motivation.

And entertainment is one of the most significant players in making you motivated. You can watch any motivational video or any song of your choice for serving entertainment purposes.

Some Helpful Tips

  • Boost the metabolism by having specific beverages and foods like coffee, apple cider vinegar, almonds, berries, beans, turmeric, etc. These foods and drinks help increase the calorie burn rate and give extra power for an efficient workout session. Have them before doing work out but not in the immediate 60 minutes beforethe workout.
  • Have enough protein combined with an excellent fat source like olive oil, coconut oil, or avocado. The protein source can be egg, meat, fish, greek yogurt, etc. This combination helps to restore the muscles and burn the surplus fat.
  • Have plenty of water. However, the required amount of water varies from person to person, but having 1.5 liters a day is a must.
  • Alcohol intake is one of the biggest enemies of fitness. It not only makes the body fat but also invites so many fatal diseases. So, alcohol is a big no to achieve and maintain good health.
  • Skip all the pre-packed, processed, and factory-made foods. Have only fresh foods. Except for nuts, all these pre-made packaged foods have additives that keep the foods fresh. The additives make the belly fat. So, we must avoid all such food items.


Belly fat is a severe problem in human life. It is not only related to the look but also associated with some critical health issues. It takes time to burn belly fat, but it is not impossible. Mainly you have to use this elliptical machine to perform some cardio workouts for 15 to 30 minutes per session for most of the days.

So, it is essential to get rid of this undesirable belly fat, and for this purpose, elliptical machines can be a great help. If you are confronting such a problem, you can follow this article to bring a revolutionary change in your life.

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