How To Fix A Slipping Belt On A Treadmill

How To Fix A Slipping Belt On A Treadmill?

A treadmill is a machine and hence can have some issues during running. A slipping belt is one of the issues that can hamper your workout progress quite badly. If you are facing a brief stop while running, you may probably be a casualty of a slipping belt.

Having a personal treadmill means you are ahead of others who are going to the gym to run on treadmills. As you own a machine, it is your responsibility to take care of your machine.

As the slipping belt is a very common phenomenon, you should know how to fix the issue rather than looking for a repair serviceman.

If you are technical enough, then it would be wiser to learn how to fix a self-own machine. But, can it be fixed at home?

The answer to the question is yes! Depending on your machine model and condition, a treadmill is quite fixable. In this article, I’ll discuss in brief how to fix the treadmill slipping belt.

Sit tight, relax! Enjoy the article and you won’t gonna be disappointed.

What Is The Belt Slipping?

Before get going, you should know what is belt slipping and why it happens. While running, if your machine stops briefly, it is probably due to a slipping belt. There are several reasons behind this phenomenon occur so it is important to identify and make a checklist of probable causes and go through this troubleshooting.

The check should start from the lube check. If there is not enough lubricant, it can result in friction between the belt and the running dock that resist a fluent run.

If there is no deficiency in lubrication, the problem might be caused by the loose belt and needs to tighten for a slip-free experience.

If nothing is found out of the above, the slip might be happening due to a loose drive belt. The drive belt sits under the motor hood and therefore a bit complex to fix at home and therefore recommended to leave this part to be fixed by a professional.

Two more reasons cause your belt to slip. One of the issues prevails by the pully that holds the front roller intact and lost its grip and the other one may buy the worn belt which can be solved by replacing it.

How to Diagnose a Slipping Belt

Treadmill Slipping Belt

A slipping belt might stop moving your belt for a brief time while running. It is easier for you to notice a little early if you land a little harder than usual. There are a few ways to diagnosis the issue. Those are described in short notes below.

1. Lubrication

The very first approach to check with is lubrication. It is easily performed by sliding your hand gently beneath the belt on each side.

You will feel a smooth layer in ideal condition but if it feels dry, the belt needs lubrication and the cause of the phenomenon is detected at an early stage.

2. Adjustments

You need to check whether your belt is adjusted properly or not. To do this, recommends you slide your hands beneath the belt on either side and try to lift.

In ideal condition, you should be able to lift about two to three inches above the deck. If you can lift more than that, it seems to be too loose and needs to be tightened.

An alternative way of diagnosing this is by gliding your hand under the belt and checking how far you can reach. If you can reach through the middle with some effort, this seems to be ideal in condition and if your arm slides through to another side, you will need adjustment.

3. Worn-Down Belt

A belt might be worn away upon long-term and heavy usage although it is not obvious.

But you can check it by sliding your hand underneath and if you find dust or crumbs like material, it indicates that the belt is deteriorating.

What Are The Ways Of Fixing A Slippery Belt?

Once your diagnosis is done, you will come to know the cause of the slipping belt. Most of the time it is easier to fix.

There is one important notation that you should need to keep in mind is to know your limit. If you are not smart enough to fix it, leave it to the professionals.

How to Lubricate?

To perform any type of repair or regular work, it is better to conduct by following the instruction manual properly.

It is essential to clean the dust off from the deck just before applying lubricant as dust can damage the treadmill in the long run. To do this, lose the belt a bit and then lean the treadmill on its side and blow away the dust.

To apply lubricant properly, it is essential to let it distribute properly. After applying half on one side and the rest on the other, switch the treadmill on and let it run for about five minutes on its own. After that, walk on the belt for a few minutes and it should be running smoothly.

How to Make Adjustments?

To tighten or lose the walking belt, an Allen wrench or hex key might be needed. At the backside of your treadmill, a couple of roller bolts will be seen. Insert the tool and turn clockwise for tightening and for loosening turn counterclockwise.

It is very important to tighten the belt evenly. For that, you need to tighten the belt evenly on both sides. It is also important to keep in mind that you must not tighten too much.

The same procedure should be followed for fixing the driving belt. However, if you are not confident enough to fix it, it is highly recommended not to spoil the machine. For a loose drive belt, you should call upon a professional.

Moreover, you can get your desired tools to fix your machine from a local tool shop or online shop. You might need an Allen wrench to fix the belt, a lubricant that can be used to mobilize the moving parts of a machine. All you need to do is not try to be over-smart.

Things not to do!

Fixing a machine is not always an easy task to perform. There are several things that you just need to avoid. These are:

Do Not Over-Tighten

It is important to keep in mind that, you should not over tighten your belts. A tight drive belt can cause severe problems and raise the amp draw is the most acute one. This can cause motor or electronic issues.

Furthermore, if you tighten your walking belt too much, it may break at any point which results in immediate replacement.

Don’t Over Lubricate

Never lubricate your machine unless it’s required. Too much lubricant can lead to further damages. Try not to apply lube on the top as it might make the belt slippery and thus can hurt you while walking or running.

When to Call for Help

It is essential to know your limit. If you feel unsure or in doubt, please don’t try to call a professional immediately.

You should also need to call a professional when it is necessary to replace a belt. A professional may also need when you find difficulties in the drive belt as it is quite difficult to handle.


It is always important to know the fundamentals of your machine all the time and look for routine checks all the time.

If adjustment is required, make sure you can perform it correctly and most importantly, be confident and fluent.

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