How Many Calories Does An Exercise Bike Burn

How Many Calories Does An Exercise Bike Burn?

The indoor exercise bikes help us to burn calories also build and tone the muscles of the lower body. In this write-up, you will get to know how many calories you will burn by riding an indoor bike.

According to experts, you can burn double calories while cycling on an indoor stationary bike than that of walking. However, the amount of burned calories will certainly vary depending on some issues such as the time, the effectiveness of the bike, users’ fitness and weight, etc.

You will enjoy a wide range of benefits as an improved heart condition, reduced mental stress, developed endurance by working out on an exercise bike. You can burn around 300 calories with half an hour of pedalling on an effective indoor exercise bike.

Calorie Burned in Terms of Stationary Bike

There are some trustworthy averages of calories burned by working out on a stationary bike. However, the sum burned calorie and weight loss issues will depend on the circumstances of the individual’s. According to researchers, a person with 155-pounds of weight can burn 391 calories on average if he pedals for 30 minutes vigorously on a stationary bike.

The ACE states that the person with the same 155-pounds of weight can burn around 421 calories if the pace is 16-19 mph for 30 minutes. 16-19 mph is a racing speed that will provide you with more benefits than cycling at a lower speed.

The natural way to lose your body weight by 1 pound is to reduce your calorie consumption by 3500 calories. You should keep in mind that the calories are energy measurements, not nutrition or weight. It is quite impossible to burn calories by 250 units and reduce calorie intake by 250 units in a healthy manner for 7 days.

Of course, these estimates will differ depending on a lot of variables. Age, sex, weight, metabolism level, body structure and composition affect the amount of burned calories of a person mostly among the other numerous factors. Also, the intensity, force and duration of the workout will affect the calorie burns to a great extent.

The Variables of Calorie-burn

It is quite impracticable to cover all the outcomes of burned calories on a stationary bike; we have come forward with some common variables and the effects of these variables on the calorie-burn quantity.

The number of calories you burn from your cycling will also depend on your body weight largely. According to Harvard’s researchers if the weight of a person is 125 pounds he can burn 315 calories by doing energetic cycling for 30 minutes whereas a person with 185 pounds of weight will burn 566 calories for the same amount of workout.

An American woman has an average weight of 170.5 pounds and a man has 197.8 pounds of weight on average. The calorie burns vary because the people who make more muscle mass or heavier weight burn more calories all over the day.

The American Calorie Counter Council has given some estimated outcomes for 30 minutes of cycling for different intensities and body weight. Also, they have considered the different paces of cycling.

The estimates are as follows

Users’ weightSpeedCalories-burned
125 pounds5.5 mph113 calories
155 pounds5.5 mph140 calories
185 pounds5.5 mph167 calories
125 pounds12 to 13 mph226 calories
155 pounds12 to 13 mph281 calories
185 pounds12 to 13 mph335 calories
125 pounds16 to 19 mph340 calories
155 pounds16 to 19 mph421 calories
185 pounds16 to 19 mph503 calories

You should remember that the duration of your workout is a key factor too. For instance, if a person with 170 pounds of weight pedals at a moderate speed which is 12-13 mph he can burn 616 calories roughly whereas a 197-pound person will burn 714 calories for the same.

Usually, the duration of a high-intensity spinning class is about 45 minutes and it can burn 890 to 803 calories depending on the weight of the user.

The Impact on Your Health

Pedalling on an indoor exercise bike will not only burn the calories from your body but will also improve the health of your lungs and heart as a result of a solid cardio workout. Moreover, this type of aerobics benefits your blood vessels and brain condition too. You can improve your mood by cycling as it releases chemicals named endorphins.

According to MensLine cycling offers some benefits to your mental health as well. The improved blood circulation and endorphins release encourage releasing mood-boosting organic chemicals such as norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine. This will help you to reduce depression; stress and anxiety also bolster your self-esteem. So, if you have a fit body you can do cycling for improving your mental state.

Riding regularly can develop the circadian rhythm which makes your night’s sleep better also improves your memory. Besides, regular workouts can improve your daily balance and endurance which impacts the way of walking, climbing the stairs and standing.

A study of 2015 with 38 stroke patients found that cycling on the stationary bike can potentially improve the gait abilities and balance. Stationary cycling puts less pressure and stress on the joints as it is a low-impact exercise.

You can increase the density of your bones by pedalling with resistance for the long term. People of different ages, sex and body structure can perform an effective workout on a stationary bike as it is a low-impact exercise and reach their fitness and health goal.

Cycling on a stationary bike can be effective in burning calories as well as strengthening the muscles of the lower body. It will be also effective to recover hip, knee and other orthopaedic problems.

A stationary bike offers a more customizable and controllable workout experience also improves your mental health and boosts your mind. You just need to select an effective stationary bike according to your requirements and budget and you are good to go!

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