How Long To Burn 500 Calories On Cross Trainer

How Long To Burn 500 Calories On Cross Trainer?

In this write-up, you will get to know the process and steps of burning 500 calories on the cross-trainer.

Our body is burning calories by anything we are doing and the term resting metabolic rates refer to the amount of burned calories that our body burns without doing any kind of exercise.

So, if you are eager to lose weight you need to burn more calories than the amount of calorie intake according to your resting metabolic rate. Otherwise, you can burn additional calories by doing cardio workouts on the various cardio machines.

The elliptical machine comes with an inbuilt counter that counts calorie burns and you will be able to burn a considerable amount of calories if you do a workout regularly.

Calculating the RMR

Step 1: Firstly, measure your weight to figure out your resting metabolic rate. After obtaining your weight multiply by 6.25 with your weight in the pound. For example, if your weight is 120 pounds multiply it by 6.25 and the approximate result will be 750.

Step 2: Now measure your height and multiply the height in inches by 12.7. For example, if your height is 70 inches the approximate result will be 889 by multiplying the value by 12.7.

Step 3: Now add the two numbers together as an example, 750+889=1639.

Step 4: Now multiply your age by 6.76 and add 66 to the total number. For instance, if you are 40 years old, you would obtain 270 by multiplying and if you add 66 with 270 you will get 336.

Step 5: Deduct the result from the weight and height formula from the number you got from the age formula. Continuing the example, 1639-336= 1303.

Step 6: Now multiply the total number by 1.1. For example, the total is 1433 and this is the RMR or resting metabolic rate. In this example, the body burns 1433 calories while resting. So, for losing weight you need to intake fewer calories than this amount or burn more calories to make a deficit.

Using the Machine

Step 1: First of all, determine the number of calories you want to burn on the elliptical machine in 30 minutes. However, the number will vary depending on your age, weight and other factors. So it’s better to use the calories calculator.

Step 2: Exercise for at least the length of time stated on the calculator on the elliptical machine. A timer and calorie counter are common features on elliptical machines.

Plan on spending slightly more or less time on the elliptical machine than the calculator suggests because different elliptical machines come with different materials and maintenance processes.

Step 3: You can engage in interval training for diminishing the required time to burn 500 calories. Increasing the resistance of the machine can help you to burn more calories faster.

You can burn 500 calories by following the above steps but the amount of burned calories will depend on other factors such as age, gender, weight, etc.

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