How Long Should You Row On A Rowing Machine

How Long Should You Row On A Rowing Machine?

The rowing machine is undoubtedly is one of the best choices for an aerobic indoor workout. There are many arguments on its efficiency and acceptability but it proves to be one of the best ones with its performance.

The machine helps to strengthen both the lower and upper parts of your body with the effect of its rowing action. Furthermore, it is one of the best options for burning fat, increase stamina and work on your cardiovascular system.

The rowing machine is quite versatile in action but users get the best benefit from it. There is one frequently asked question moving around is how long should one work on??

The answer to that question varies from user to user as each has its different goal of actions. The efficiency of a machine depends on intensity, time spent, the weight of users etc.

For instant, your friend might wish to lose weight within 6 months and you want to lose within 2 months. Then the working hour won’t be the same. The more you want, the more you give effort. So, it is you, who is the main driving person to choose what is the suitable time to spent.

This article can drive you towards the destination at which way, what time you should spend on a rowing machine to get the best outcome. So, have a bite at your favourite fruit and go through this article to find what is the suitable condition for you.

There are some conditions which will help to evaluate your aim. Those conditions are described in brief.

Set up Workout Goals

Selecting a workout goal is the most important factor for setting how much time should you spend. Going for a destiny without fixing the goal is like a boat without a captain. Ask your mind; set yourself a goal and get ready for action.

For instance, one might want to lose 8 pounds by 1 month or attempt to lose 1 pound per week. Another dimension of aim might be an intense workout. Someone might aim to continue his high intense rowing for one minute without any break. You should use your goals to achieve your target of workout time.

How Many Calories Do You Want to Lose?

It is also important to set your target on how much weight you want to lose. It is also important to keep other factors in mind during a workout. Many factors might hinder your way to lose weight. Eyes should be kept on diet and lifestyle to keep yourself within the right discipline and shape.

In terms of time spent, consistency is the key to your success. It is necessary to continue at least 30 minutes for about 4 to 6 times per day on a rower. It is also important to take a rest during days when you are getting started.

What Cardiovascular Benefits Do You Want?

It is also important to find the best possible benefit out of your cardio workout. An indoor rowing machine can also be used as both an aerobic or anaerobic workout. It is your choice to get going with your best set.

If you want to improve your anaerobic condition, you should spend less time on a rowing machine. Workout of higher intensity with short time sis best for anaerobic exercise. HIIT and sprint are also some of the best options to improve anaerobic conditioning. There are some trials that bring about an outcome that anaerobic exercises generally last anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes.

For the aerobic workout, you need to spend a longer period. To continue for a long time, your heart rate and intensity need to be lower so that you can last for the whole session. Many trials and researches find that aerobic exercises generally last anywhere between 45 to 90 minutes.

It is important to mix the workout exercise whether your goal is either aerobic or anaerobic. It is always the best option to combine aerobic and anaerobic workouts. A study finds that aerobic can greatly improve your anaerobic exercise and vice versa.

What Is Your Pace?

Workout pace also plays an important role in how much time you should spend on a rowing machine. It is stated that, higher your pace, the shorter your rowing time and vice versa.

A study also finds that a person doing 30 strokes per minute can cover more distance than a person rowing at 20 strokes per minute. Likewise, if you lack the pace but have endurance, it will be easier to achieve your goals by spending more time.

In Conclusion, how long should someone spend on a rowing machine to achieve their goal and the answer is: it depends on the demand of an user.

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