How Fast Will You Lose Weight With An Exercise Bike Workout

How Fast Will You Lose Weight With An Exercise Bike Workout?

To keep up with fitness, there are no alternatives to work out. An exercise bike is one of the most effective means of cardio exercise that would help to maintain fitness as well as lose weight properly and scientifically.

By maintaining the intensity and frequency with maximum optimization, an exercise bike can help to lose weight within a limited timeframe.

RidingBike: A Means of Weight Loss

Weight loss requires more calories to burn than we usually burnt. As said by Mayo Clinic, to lose one pound of weight, you need to burn about 3500 calories to be specific.
Taking this reference into count, you need to calibrate cycling time concerning calories burn with a consistent diet.

Harvard Health publication estimates that a 155-pound person takes about 30 minutes to burn 260 calories using a stationary bike. The above reference estimates that a 155-pound person will require a riding time of about 7 hours to burn 1 pound of fat.

So, persons less than 155 should spend a little less time than the reference to burning calories and persons heavier than 155 should spend more to bring him to their desired shape.

However, there are a few things such as metabolism rate, diet, mental health, sex, age, etc. that can influence the above reference time. Therefore, a self-evaluation-based time setup is the best way to attain the ultimate goal.

Hard Working: A Way Though the Goal

There is no such sequence that can set the actual time and rate of weight loss through exercise bike. But some key factors can modify your goal.

Gear up The Intensity

The faster and harder you push, the more you will torch. Harvard stated that a 155 pound can lose around 391 calories of fat with a rampant paddling of 30 minutes.

Setting up Intervals

It is not easier for every person to paddle at such a rampant pace for a long time. So, it is essential to detect the recovery factor and alternate the period of vigorous and recovery paddling to get the best out of an exercise bike.

American exercise council also referred to do interval-based training to get more effective results (burn calories faster) than a steady-state workouts.

Maintaining Healthy Diet

Only cycling or additional workout may not bring the best outcome whether you are not maintaining a healthy diet. Consumption of too much fat may ruin your 7-hours a week cycling efforts to a worthless apart.

A combination of hard work with a proper diet can bring about the outcome. Appreciating food like green vegetables, fibrous fruits, lean protein, whole grains, etc., and banning processed food, junk food, carbonated beverages will help to progress towards the goal.

Supplementary Workout

Metabolism is one major factor in losing weight. According to Mayo Clinic, people having lean body mass have a higher metabolism rate than fat ones. So additional workouts can boost up the progress.

Cycling helps to work on the lower part of your body but to maintain a balanced workout you need to add some more effort to the upper part. Some additional workouts like push-ups, squats, lunges, rows and shoulder presses can work on the entire body muscle to keep a balanced condition.

Either hard work out like cycling or diet itself cannot make the job easier. Rather, it may ruin away all your efforts. Only a combined work plan of hard work out, interval training and balanced diet can bring about the expected result within the shortest of time.

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