Does Planet Fitness Have Rowing Machines

Does Planet Fitness Have Rowing Machines?

Planet Fitness, like other gyms, provides a large selection of workout machines and gym equipment. You will get different types of rowing machines also in Planet Club and today we will be discussing the rowing machines of Planet Club.

As a rowing machine is low-impact, enjoyable, and works most of your body’s muscles it has become one of the most efficient workout devices available. It’s for both beginners and gym veterans, these strength-training moves are simple and very effective.

The fact that rowing machines can target nearly every muscle in the body is the primary reason why Planet Fitness has them in its gyms. Many people who have done outside rowing are aware that the actions necessary while using a rowing machine have an effect on muscles all over the body. Second, rowing machines are beneficial to everyone as this machine will help you whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fitness lover.

It’s also a gadget that’s safe to use even if you have a vision handicap. Planet Fitness won’t have to concern about gym injuries as a result of this. Another reason is that it delivers a low-impact, high-intensity, full-body exercise. The majority of Planet Fitness customers are not “gym rats.”

With easy-to-use devices like rowing machines and the Smith Machine, which simulates a bench press, a squat rack, and other training machines, you’ll spend less time with Planet Fitness trainers and more time doing your own thing.

Low-impact activities reduce the risk of injury when working out. Planet Fitness wants its customers to stay with them and members are less likely to terminate their membership if they can offer them workout machines that do not hurt individuals.

In addition, you can use the rowing machine as cardio equipment. It is also beneficial to the lungs and heart. Many people who want to start working out do so because they are unhappy with their present situation and wish to enhance their body image and health.

They can utilize rowing machines to assist them to enhance their health.

Finally, rowing machines can serve as a viable alternative to treadmills and ellipticals. Treadmills and ellipticals are cardio equipment as well, although they focus more on the lower body.

Rowing machines are easy to operate and are suitable for beginners. Even if it’s your first time, don’t be scared to utilize them. Make sure the gym isn’t too crowded by checking the Crowd Meter. Then locate a comfortable spot on the rower and sit down and adjust the machine’s resistance.

If this is your first time, start with low resistance and modify as necessary and don’t overwork yourself by starting with a high level of resistance. So, it is best to start small and work your way up.

You’re now ready to begin once you’ve dialled in your settings. Place your feet on the footrest and your hands on the bar then push yourself back with your legs and core muscles to straighten your legs. At the same moment, pull on the bar.

Then, as you extend your legs, bring the bar closer to your chest. You may simply reverse the motion to return to the starting position. Repeat these instructions until you’ve finished your workout.

The Beginner’s Rowing Exercise for 20 Minutes

Planet fitness recommends a 20-minute rowing workout for beginners. They also recommend starting with some warm-up activities, such as free weights or easy cardio because this will get your body ready to use the rowing machine.

First, you have to warm-up during the first 5 minutes of your 20-minute exercise on the rowing machine. Ensure that the resistance is set to the lowest setting. Increase your resistance after the 5-minute warm-up. If you can speed up, do so to enhance the workout’s intensity.

Increase the resistance of the machine every 2 minutes and attempt to accelerate up till you reach the 15-minute point. Cooldown for the last 5 minutes and slowly increase your speed till you reach your starting point.

This is a basic starter workout that takes about 20 minutes. Adjust your intensity as required if you feel you’re not at the correct level.

Planet Fitness offers different types of rowing machines to their members to make their workouts more effective and fruitful.

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