Rowing Machine Under £600

Best Rowing Machine Under £600

If you’re on the lookout for the best rowing machine under £600, your search is over as we are here to help.

Rowing machines are very effective weight loss equipment and this is why a lot of people are looking to get on the recent trend.

Below are the best rowers for under 600.

Rowing Machine Under £600 Purchase In 2023

Here are our 9 best rowing machines under 600 in the UK market.

Note: This is just an idea. Most rowing machines are priced under £600, but there are a few rowing machines that may exceed this price range.

1. JLL Ventus 2 Air Rowing Machine

JLL Ventus Air Rowing Machine

  • LCD console display
  • Air and Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • Max. user weight capacity 120 kg
  • Aluminum and Alloy steel material type

The JLL Ventus 2 rower is a brilliant piece of workout equipment that is sure to help you meet your fitness goals. With it, users can get a full-body workout, build muscle, and improve cardiovascular health with one rowing action. At 34.7 kg net weight, this foldable rowing machine is portable and easy to store, as it can stand upright.

The LCD monitor is a great tool that helps users keep track of their training progress with several useful information like; count, count/min, stroke, temperature, rowing speed, and theoretical distance. This helps you modify your exercise routine to maximize productivity and fitness.

It comes with a good number of 8 magnetic resistance levels that also aid the customization of your training. So new users can start at a low intensity and gradually rev up the difficulty as they progress to continuously challenge themselves.

The Ventus 2 has a seat that is padded with foam to maximize comfort during long routines. The handlebar has an ergonomic design and it is coated in a sweat-resistant, non-slip plastic which ensures a firm grip is held.


2. Smarttech Rowing Machine

Smarttech Home Rowing Machine

  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • Max. user weight capacity 120 kg
  • Built-in monitor display
  • Ergonomic design

The Smarttech rowing machine is designed to be a versatile rower that can be easily used both indoors and outdoors. This rugged workout equipment is effective at helping users lose weight, tone muscles, and get a full-body workout. It was designed to target all areas of the body including the calves, upper body, abs, arms, and legs.

The 8-level adjustable voltage resistance gives users a lot of room to grow and witness their advancement. This is because you can select your preferred level of intensity using a single knob. That means that how difficult the rowing experience lies entirely in your hands, literally.

As you boost your endurance and overall fitness, you can track your progress in real-time with the help of the integrated functional LED display. It provides metrics like distance, stroke, speed, calories burned, and count, which are great indicators of improvement or stagnancy.

The rail has a 15-degree incline, and along with the ergonomic design of the seat, the Smarttech rower is a bargain for 600 pounds. Engineered for optimum comfort, the extra-padded handlebar ensures that your elbow always remains in a natural position.


3. Bluefin Fitness BLADE Air Rower

Bluefin Fitness Blade Air Rowing Machine

  • LCD monitor display
  • Water, Air, and Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • 38.1 kg net weight
  • Black color only

Versatility is always appreciated in any device or equipment and the Bluefin fitness company knows that. This was the thought that inspired the production of this rowing machine for under 600, as users will see themselves. Whatever your fitness goals may be; building muscle, improving heart health, or losing weight, the Bluefin BLADE rower gives you all.

This multipurpose equipment is also compatible with the Kino map smartphone app. The Bluetooth feature lets you connect to your android or iOS and benefit from the thousands of training videos and live coaching. This is a ground-breaker in the fitness industry and certainly is a game-changer.

The Built-in LCD lets users track their training in real-time with the help of very useful metrics. These include distance, time, count, stroke, speed, and calories burned. With this information, you can properly assess your progress and modify your routine accordingly.

Equipped with ergonomic grip handlebars, anti-slip foot pedals, and a foam-padded seat, a stable and comfortable workout session is assured. The 8 levels of resistance give you a wide selection of varied difficulties to choose from.


4. Eriding Water Rowing Machine

Eriding Water Rowing Machine

  • Water-resistance mechanism
  • Walnut wood material type
  • LCD console display
  • SpaceSaver design

The Eriding water rowing machine is so pleasing at first glance, with a classic look that never goes out of style. The walnut hue gives a sense of purpose, and the lightweight 28 kg rower goes for just 600 pounds. It is portable enough to be stored in limited storage thanks to its ability to fold and stand upright.

The intelligent LCD monitor helps users keep track of their progress during workouts. Important metrics like time, calories burned/hr., distance, stroke, and count give you an indicator of where your fitness is at. With this information, you can properly customize your rowing experience and boost productivity.

This rowing machine is equipped with a patented water flywheel that provides natural rowing dynamic with a unique self-regulating resistance. The silent soothing sound of moving waters you get during rowing is even slightly meditative and well below 65 DB.

Its cover provides full protection from damage caused by water, dust, dirt, or playful kids. The electric water pump lets you get water in and out of the tank easily, so water replacement is a breeze.


5. Marcy Onyx Geneva 6000

Marcy Onyx Geneva 6000

  • Air resistance mechanism
  • Max. user weight capacity 135 kg
  • Alloy steel material type
  • Built-in LCD

This is an outstanding piece of workout equipment that provides high-performance rowing which helps you meet your fitness goals. If you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle, or get a full-body workout then this is the prime home rowing machine under £600. At 34.5 kg, it is a lightweight rower that is foldable so storage is stress-free.

The vast seat rail length can carry users of heights up to 6ft 5”, the sealed ball bearing rollers also contribute to a smooth rowing motion. Marcy Onyx Geneva 6000 is designed to be wide, long, and molded with foam that follows the curvature of the human body.

The built-in LCD monitor display helps users understand what stage of fitness they are with useful metrics like count, count/min, stroke, theoretical distance, time, and calories burned. This information gives in-depth insight on what aspects of our routine you need to improve on and how to better challenge.

This is one of the best home rowing machines under £600, and it is battery powered so no issues with wires or electricity. The wheels beneath the rails make it easy to transport.


6. Circuit Fitness Deluxe Rower

Circuit Fitness Deluxe Rower

  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • Plastic and aluminum material
  • 150 kg max. user weight capacity
  • LCD built-in console

This is manufactured from hard-wearing construction; the steel frame is engineered to give the user optimum stability. The Circuit fitness rower is powerful rowing equipment that you can use to burn calories, tone muscles, gain fitness and even stretch. The beautiful, elegant design of this product makes it easily fit into the ambiance of any room.

The LED screen display provides vital information that gives an indicator of how much you have progressed. Metrics like time, SPM, ambient temperature, calories burned are good measures of what fitness level you’re at. With these details, you can create a workout plan that is personalized to your objectives.

Its intelligent design offers users convenience before and after a workout session thanks to the SpaceSaver design. With wheels attached to the bottom, this foldable rower for 600 pounds can stand upright, so transportation and storage are a piece of cake.

Equipped with a manual magnetic resistance system, you can choose how intense you want your rowing activity to be. The ergonomic seat is reinforced with a durable injection mold that offers maximum support and comfort.


7. Sportstech RSX500 Rowing Machine

Sportstech RSX500

  • LCD monitor display
  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • 120 kg max. user weight capacity
  • Aluminum material type

The last home rowing equipment brand on this list Sportstech has a long-standing reputation for producing top-quality rowing machines. The Sportstech RSX500 is a rugged rower that combines sleek design with durability which matches the higher-end products. It has a unique design that lets it seamlessly blend into any room.

The ergonomically shaped seat helps users avoid pain or strain during longer training sessions, with the slight increase encouraging a correct sitting posture. The non-slip pedals come with a nap structure and belt buckle which gives additional support and stabilization to the feet. With its extra-long pull mechanism, very tall people can still pull comfortably and silently.

The clearly arranged control panel that is 5.5 inches wide gives a clear display of all the functions so it’s good for all ages. There are over 10 pre-installed programs that offer a variety from competition mode to HRC training and manual mode.

The integrated tablet holder ensures that your smart device is always within reach and view. This means you can connect to the rower via the e-Health app and enjoy the benefits including training history and educated suggestions.



If you’re working with a budget, then now you know the best rowing machine under £600 that are of the highest quality.

Ensure to check out for the maximum weight carrying capacity of each rower before purchase. The type of resistance is also important if you’re worried about difficulty and level of noise.