Best Rowing Machine Under £400

Best Rowing Machine Under £400

Are you looking for the best rowing machine under £400?

Maybe because you’re on a budget or you’re looking to try out rowing without investing too much at first.

Rowing Machine Under £400 Purchase In 2023

Either way, we’ve got you covered, below are our 9 top rowing machines under 400 pounds.

Note: This is just an idea. Most rowing machines are priced under £400, but there are a few rowing machines that may exceed this price range.

1. Fitness Reality 1000 Plus Rower

Fitness Reality 1000 Plus Rower

  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • Max. user weight capacity 113 kg
  • Alloy steel material
  • LCD monitor display

The Fitness Reality 1000 is an industry-standard rowing machine that provides high performance both outdoors and indoors. This efficient rower is uniquely designed to focus on the major parts of the body including; the quads, core, upper body, and arms. The sleek black design allows it to fit easily into any décor.

The 14-level dual transmission provides users with a variety of levels of intensity to choose from. This is good for beginners who are looking to slowly progress their way through the workout.

The Magnetic tension resistance can be easily adjusted with a dial that lets you optimize your workout.

This foldable rowing machine comes with an “Ultra-quiet design’ which is made possible from the nylon belt driving system. It was engineered to allow for a noiseless rowing experience so you can watch fitness videos on the large LCD or listen to music.

Track your progress via your iOS or Android thanks to this device is Bluetooth enabled. With the patent-pending front stabilizer, the foot pedals let users add extra upper body workouts to get more out of the exercise.


2. V-fit Tornado Air Rower

V-fit Tornado Air Rower

  • Max. user weight capacity 115 kg
  • Alloy steel and Aluminum material
  • 6-function LCD monitor
  • Air resistance mechanism

If you want a home rowing machine under 400 that provides high-quality exercise while being sturdy and stable, then the V-fit Tornado is a perfect fit. This rugged air rowing machine provides you with a full-body workout with a single rowing motion that causes zero back strain.

The three-screen, 6-function LCD monitor is a great addition to this equipment which lets users track their progress. It does this by providing important information like count, distance, strokes, time, and calories lost. With this, you can evaluate yourself and make necessary modifications.

This air rowing machine was designed for optimal comfort. Its pivoting, oversize PVC footplates have a two-position mount and adjustable Velcro foot straps that keep your fit locked in and stable. The contoured polyurethane ergonomic-style seat is equipped with a bearing-mounted upper and lower seat guide roller for stress-free rowing.

Its resistance mechanism is designed with a center-pull micro link chain which drives the multi-vane air fan. This provides resistance that equals the user’s every pull giving a natural feel to the rowing activity, the faster you row, the harder the workout.


3. Dripex Magnetic Rowing machine

Dripex Magnetic Rowing Machine

  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • Max. user weight capacity 120 kg
  • Aluminum and steel material
  • Up to 6ft2 height limit

This is an exquisitely designed workout equipment that will meet your every requirement. It is durable, effective, and has a new-age feel thanks to the style of engineering. It slips right into the ambiance of any room thanks to its sleek, ergonomic body.

This Dripex rowing machine comes with a whopping 15 levels of resistance providing a wide variety of intensity. This means with the use of a single knob; you can easily adjust the difficulty of your exercise. So, if you’re new to it, you can gradually set achievable goals for yourself as you get stronger.

With its unique double aluminum railway, the Dripex rowing machine provides users with a silent rowing workout. This means you can exercise while watching videos on your LCD monitor or listening to exciting music that pumps you up.

This multipurpose rowing equipment gives users a full-body workout and helps improve overall fitness while still being a low-impact workout. With padded seats, oversized footplates, and a shock absorber, users can rest assured that their workout will go smoothly.


4. Bluefin Fitness BLADE Rower

Bluefin Fitness Blade Air Rowing Machine

  • Max. user weight capacity 100 kg
  • Aluminum material
  • LCD monitor display
  • Magnetic resistance mechanism

The elegant design of the Bluefin Blade will catch your eye in an instant. Designed to be rugged and efficient, this powerful rowing equipment can be the catalyst to your weight loss journey. Capable of carrying up to 100 kg, almost anyone can experience the Bluefin fitness magic.

The smooth belt drive simulates the natural motion of rowing you get from the real activity. Feel your abdominal muscles burn with the optimum 10° incline which offers extra resistance without affecting the recovery phase. Designed for ample comfort, it comes with a padded cushioned seat, anti-slip secure foot pedals, and ergonomic handlebars.

The In-built multifunctional LCD computer can prove to be very important on your fitness journey as it helps you gauge your progress. With useful values like count, stroke, time, theoretical distance, calories, you can easily keep track of your productivity and set achievable goals.

With 8 levels of resistance available to users, you can easily switch up the intensity of your workout to challenge yourself. You can also use the fitness app to track and record your progress in real-time, proving to be one of the best rowing machines under £400.


5. LZ Leisure BTM Rowing machine

LZ Rowing machine

  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • Built-in LCD monitor
  • SpaceSaver design
  • 27 kg net weight

The LZ Leisure rower is the physical manifestation of the name it was given by its manufacturers. The sleek, ergonomic design gives a certain relaxing feel that makes working out look almost inviting. Its grey color makes it stand out among more derivative hues used by other products.

This rower was designed to provide users with full-body exercise while boosting their cardiovascular health and building strength. The SpaceSaver feature means that packing and unpacking your rowing equipment is a breeze, a minute or two and you’re all set.

It has up to 8 levels of silent magnetic resistance. So, you can choose between each level of intensity to see which doesn’t cause strain but still provides enough challenge. With textured non-slip, adjustable foot pedals, and padded grip handlebars, users can have a stable, balanced workout session.

The LCD digital monitor is a major component that is very useful for users who like to see tangible results from their workout. It measures your progress in helpful values like time, distance, stroke, calories, and count per minute. This provides users with a quantifiable way to personalize their workout regimen.


6. Nezee Rowing Machine

Neezee Rowing Machine

  • Aluminum material
  • Max. user weight capacity 110 kg
  • LCD digital monitor
  • Magnetic resistance mechanism

This is a sturdy, highly effective workout equipment that is also used by pros and athletes worldwide. If you’re looking to build muscle, increase your strength, or lose weight, then an air rowing machine under 400 should be a no-brainer. At 22 kg net weight, it can be easily transported and stored.

With an astonishing 16 levels of magnetic resistance, users are spoilt for choice with how much difficulty they can handle. This variety gives you so much flexibility because you can start small, then gradually work your way up the intensity levels as you challenge yourself.

The magnetic tension system and sturdy aluminum slide rail make for a near-noiseless workout environment. The sliding padded seat ensures that you are comfortable and non-slip foot pedals ensure no accident falls can happen from sweaty feet.

With the LCD monitor and built-in sensor, users can measure their progress with very useful information. Metrics like time, count, calories burnt and strokes give you a good yardstick to know where you need to improve on. It’s a great tool that helps users personalize and customize their workout routine.


7. Marcy Onyx Geneva 6000

Marcy Onyx Geneva 6000

  • Air resistance mechanism
  • Alloy steel material
  • Max. user weight capacity 135 kg
  • Net weight 34.5 kg

The Marcy Onyx is a relatively cheap rowing machine that provides industry-standard performance for both genders. This is multipurpose equipment helps users lose weight, build muscle, tone muscles, and get a full-body workout at the comfort of their home. With a single rowing action, you can transform your fitness journey.

Equipped with air resistance, the special rowing mechanism ensures that there is no complacent moment. When you pull, the flywheel generates the proportionate resistance that challenges you. This means that the harder you pull, the higher the resistance will be.

With the help of the Digital LCD console, users can monitor their progress and customize their training. Useful information like count, time, calories burnt, theoretical distance, stroke, and count/min provide you with several indicators of how well you’re faring. It lets you personalize your experience and optimize your productivity.

The 4 length ergo-angled rubber feet and textured footplates ensure that you don’t slip and fall during a workout. With the padded foamed seat users are comfortable and bent in a natural position to avoid strain. The reinforced stitch foam handle gives a much tighter, comfortable grip so users can go for more extended periods of training.


8. Circuit Fitness Deluxe Rower

Circuit Fitness Deluxe Rower

  • Max. user weight capacity 220 kg
  • Aluminum and Plastic material
  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • Built-in LCD monitor

The Circuit Fitness rower is multi-purpose rowing equipment that has all you want to get started with your fitness journey. With it, you can burn off excess weight, tone your muscles, improve your strength, and get a full-body workout with a single rowing action. With a massive weight carrying capacity of 220 kg, it’s a great choice for grossly heavy people.

Its built-in digital display LCD screen allows users to keep track of their progress. With metrics like calories burned, theoretical distance, and time, you can set and meet goals that challenge and improve you. This monitor helps you personalize your workout experience so you can get the best out of it.

The rower is surprisingly portable as its intelligent design offers convenience and durability. The in-built wheels and foldability make transporting the rower a piece of cake. Its seat is reinforced with a durable injection-molded seat which offers optimal support and comfort, this is great for long workouts especially.

Its different levels of resistance allow for users to decide the difficulty of their exercise. With it, you can easily customize your workout experience using a single knob.


9. Bigzzia Rowing machine

Bigzzia Rowing Machine

  • Aluminum material
  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • Max. user weight 110 kg
  • LCD monitor display

The last name on this list but in no way any less effective than the other rowers. The Bigzzia rower is an exquisite piece of workout equipment that provides users with a full-body workout that targets the major sections. These include the glutes, abdominals, upper body, quads, calves, and arms.

It comes with an extensive 16 levels of resistance which improves a sure thing. The variety of intensity available means that new users can start small with lower intensities and slowly graduate to higher difficulties. This makes your workout experience much more pleasurable as it will be modified to suit you.

The Bigzzia rowing machine is equipped with a built-in shock absorber underneath the sliding rail. This ensures that the rowing activity is smooth and noiseless, so users can either listen to music or even watch movies during a workout.

The portable design of this equipment makes it very easy to store and move around. It can be folded in half so packing and unpacking is a breeze. Also, the in-built wheels make transportation stress-free. It is a convenient, easy-to-use home rowing machine under 400.



If you didn’t know the best rowing machine under £400, well now you do. The market is filled with a lot of quality machines and also cheap ones, so it is difficult to find the most suitable choice.

All the rowing machines listed above offer a blend of high-quality performance, durability, and affordability.

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