best cross trainer under £200 uk

Best Cross Trainer Under £200 UK

On a fitness journey while on a budget?

Then you must be looking for the best cross trainer under £200 in the UK market.

Cross trainers are very effective in helping users lose weight and boost their overall fitness at home.

So, if you want to know the best elliptical cross trainer under 200, read below.

Cross Trainer Under £200 Purchase In 2023

Here are our 7 best cross trainers under 200 in the UK market.

Note: This is just an idea. Most cross trainers are priced under £200, but there are a few cross trainers that may exceed this price range.

1. Sunny Health & Fitness Elliptical

Sunny Health & Fitness Unisex's SF-E905

  • LCD monitor display
  • Steel material type
  • Moving handle type
  • Autumn/Winter seasons

The Sunny Health and Fitness Elliptical is a highly effective body trainer that works on all parts of the body at once. This efficient workout equipment helps users trim their body fat, build muscle, improve cardiovascular health, and also tone their muscles. It is a great home device that gives you the exact sensations you get while working, along with its many benefits.

This elliptical trainer comes with large anti-slip platforms and moving arms that engage every muscle in the body, providing a full-body workout. These textured foot pedals give users a secure, stable platform to work out without the worry of slipping or losing balance. It is also useful in uneven surfaces like carpets and hardwood floors, where you can adjust the foot stabilizers to fit your needs.

It is equipped with a pulse sensor that displays useful information on the Built-in display console. This monitor helps you track your progress by providing useful information like; distance, pulse, and calories burnt. With the scan mode, you can keep tabs on your fitness goals and properly adjust to ensure you’re always challenging yourself.

With 8 levels of magnetic resistance, users are offered flexibility regarding the level of intensity that they experience. You can easily increase and decrease the levels with the help of a single knob. The transportation wheels of this cross trainer under £200 make moving it from room to room a breeze. So, packing it up after training is a simple process.


2. XS Sports Luna Pro Trainer

XS Sports Luna Pro 2-in1 Elliptical Cross Trainer

  • Manual resistance mechanism
  • Alloy steel material type
  • Battery power source
  • LCD console display

The XS Sports company has made a name in the fitness journey by finding a way to balance the manufacture of high-performance equipment with relatively inexpensive prices. This is exactly what they have managed to do with the XS Sports Luna Pro. This effective trainer helps you to target muscles in your arms, buttocks, hips, legs, and shoulders with one straightforward action, walking.

The front-mounted flywheel is a unique design by the company to provide added stability for users while they train. The extra-wide platform pedals are textured to ensure that you get a balanced workout without slipping, thanks to the added friction. The ergonomic seat is large enough to handle even the large users with space left to promote comfortability during exercise.

It also comes with moving stride bars that help you give your upper body specific, extra workouts so you gain extra benefits during a workout. These bars are fixed in place for stability and adjoined with the pulse sensors which monitor heart rate during a workout. The information accumulated by this pulse sensor is displayed on the in-built LCD monitor, these values include; distance walked, speed, count, and calories lost.

Thanks to these metrics, you can more accurately judge your workout progress and adjust routines accordingly. This dual-direction elliptical workout machine can carry up to 110 kg, so most people can make use of the sturdy equipment.


3. We R Sports Deluxe Elliptical

We R Sports Deluxe Elliptical

  • Air resistance mechanism
  • Multi-function LCD monitor display
  • Adjustable resistance mechanism
  • Corded electric power source

This is an Elliptical cross trainer and an exercise bike that provides an efficient workout for every user. This workout equipment is carefully designed and engineered for durability and effectiveness. The machine gives a perfectly simulated motion of walking that improves your cardiovascular health, builds, and tones your muscles. At 45 kg, this is a piece of lightweight equipment that is easy to store.

The LCD monitor display gives users an avenue to accurately judge their training progress with several useful metrics. These include; count, distance, time, and speed. With this information, you can tweak your workout routine to optimize benefits and challenge yourself, as you gain knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses.

The We R deluxe elliptical has a reversible movement and forward pedaling which emphasizes your quads and other parts of the body. The High-low resistance settings give users a choice on how difficult they would like their work out to be. The tension can be easily adjusted via the adjustable tension knob, so customizing your workout routine is one of its benefits.

The arms move while you exercise with the We R trainer which provides an extra upper body workout for users. Its fixed and moving handlebars give you a choice to engage either your upper body muscles and core or focus on the lower body. The large, comfortable seat helps reduce strain while exercising, and with adjustable wheels, you can easily move this elliptical cross trainer under 200 from room to room.


4. Fit4Home Men’s Elliptical

Fit4Home Men Elliptical F4H X125D

  • Pulse sensor
  • Magnetic and heart rate display
  • LCD monitor display
  • Steel, PVC, and PP material type

If you’re searching for workout equipment that is both cost-effective and efficient, then the Fit4Home elliptical is the right machine for you. Equipped with an air resistance system, this trainer gives you a natural feel that is both soothing and comfortable. The black design of the body gives it an exquisite look that will fit into the ambiance of any room.

At Fit4Home, they decided to make this elliptical cross trainer under 200 specifically for men on a budget. It targets every working muscle in your body, from the abs, chest, arms to your quads and calves, providing you a complete body workout.

Its console display is an impressive computer that helps users keep track of their workouts in real-time. This LCD monitor provides calculatable metrics of your workout like; calories burned, distance, speed and. With this information, you can properly assess your workout progress and make modifications to your routine when necessary.

The Fit4Home cross trainer comes with a highly-sensitive pule sensor that keeps tabs on your heart rate. The adjustable resistance mechanism lets users easily increase and decrease the intensity of their workout. Its 1.9 kg flywheel gives you ample leeway with its free-control design, reducing the chance of muscle strain.

This elliptical can carry up to 100 kg body weight at a time. It is constructed with a transportation wheel which makes moving it around much easier. So, despite its net weight at 52 kg, you can transport the workout equipment between rooms relatively stress-free.


5. V-fit Magnetic Elliptical

V-fit Magnetic Elliptical

  • Magnetic resistance system
  • 8-Function LCD monitor
  • Combined cycle-elliptical mechanism
  • Steel material type

The V-Fit company prides itself in manufacturing top-quality workout equipment and it is evident in all tiers of its products. The V-fit is an inexpensive, efficient elliptical trainer that provides its users with high-performance workouts. It works on every body part, from the chest and arms down to the calves and thighs.

A capable and versatile machine, it was designed with a smooth, quiet flywheel mechanism that produces a strain-free exercise. It is equipped with both elliptical and cycling capabilities, so it can be used for varied types of workouts targeting specific muscles or body parts.

This system is more impressive when you discover that you don’t have to switch parts when changing workouts, just get on and do what you want. It comes with a fixed, central safety handle which ensures that your body always remains in a natural position as you exercise.

The fully-adjustable padded saddle is utilized during cycling workouts. Its dual-action handlebars which are coupled with oversized non-slip footplates provide good support and balance when using the cross-trainer function. It serves as a multi gym that works great for users who are unmotivated or too busy for actual gyms but want to keep fit.

The LCD console displays important indicators that help you accurately judge your progress, it provides useful information like; calories, time, and speed. These values aid users in properly customizing their routines to optimize their training and maximize results.


6. Charles Bentley magnetic cross trainer

Charles Bentley Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer

  • Steel material type
  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • LCD console display
  • Elliptical trainer only

The Charles Bentley elliptical machine is an impressive piece of workout equipment that boasts effectiveness that surpasses its price tag. This cheap cross trainer under £200 is a steal at this cost, providing users with Olympic-trainer-level performance without burning a hole in their pockets. Manufactured to only serve as a cross-trainer it has a simple design that weighs only 27.7 kg, so it’s lightweight and easy to transport.

It features non-slip, textured foot pedals which ensure that users get good balance while they workout. The dual handlebars are flexible to provide a smooth rowing motion so that users don’t strain as they perform the elliptical motion. It can carry up to 100 kg weight, which is a surprise its considerably lower weight.

With a built-in LCD computer, users gain access to important performance indicators like speed, calories burned, theoretical distance, and duration of the workout. These metrics can serve as a yardstick of progress, letting you personalize your workout experience. There are 8 levels of adjustable resistance available for users to easily set the intensity of their exercise.

The heart rate monitor is a useful device that helps monitor your heart rate. This tool is beneficial to diabetics or those with a history of strokes or other ailments who want to keep track of their heart health. The Charles Bentley elliptical is one of the best cross trainers under 200 currently available in the fitness market.


7. Buyer Empire Elliptical

Buyer Empire Elliptical Cross Trainer

  • Air resistance mechanism
  • Steel material type used
  • LCD monitor and pulse sensor
  • Cross trainer only

A combination of quality and superb new-age design, the Buyer Empire elliptical is a budget-friendly cross trainer for all ages and genders. The cross trainer under £200 is an efficient piece of equipment that targets every muscle of the body, including those at the upper body, core, buttocks, and legs. It is a more than sufficient substitute for going to a brick-and-mortar gym.

With the aerobic training users get from this cross trainer, you increase your cardio-respiratory fitness which is important for overall fitness. The smooth flywheel design of the resistance mechanism ensures that you simulate natural walking movements with is dual direction engineering. It is constructed with high-grade steel to give a sturdy, stable workout to its users up to 100 kg.

It comes with an in-built fitness monitor screen that displays useful information that tracks your workout progress. These include; speed, distance, time, and calories burned. The data collected during your workouts aid users in customizing their workout routines so they can work on their weaknesses and celebrate improvements. Its adjoined pulse sensor lets you monitor your heart rate as you exercise, giving a more customized experience.

Its handles, seat, abdominal pad, and handles are all adjustable so that users can tweak them to make their workout more comfortable. The paddles are textured and non-slip to keep users stable while the seat is ergonomically designed to follow the natural human curvature.



There are so many ellipticals in the market, but with this list, you now know the best cross trainers under £200 UK.

If you lead a busy life or don’t like to go to physical gyms for your workout, you surely should get one of these. At their price, you get value for money keeping fit on a budget.