Best Cross Trainer Under £1000

Best Cross Trainer Under £1000 UK

If you’re looking to lose some weight then you need high-quality equipment.

This list of the best cross trainer under £1000 is filled with excellent products that will make your life better.

Below, we will discuss the 9 most effective elliptical cross trainer under 1000, so keep on reading;

Cross Trainer Under £1000 Purchase In 2023

Here are our 9 best cross trainers under 1000 in the UK market.

Note: This is just an idea. Most cross trainers are priced under £1000, but there are a few cross trainers that may exceed this price range.

1. Bluefin Fitness CURV 3.0 Elliptical

Bluefin Fitness CURV 3.0 Elliptical

  • Aluminum material type
  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • Battery power source
  • Backlit multifunctional display

When it comes to manufacturing good quality workout equipment, there are not much better than the Bluefin fitness company. This Bluefin Fitness cross trainer that gives its users high-performance workouts that target all areas of the body, including; the quads, chest, abs, arms, and thighs. If you need an efficient elliptical that has a stylish design, look no further than the Bluefin CURV.

With a huge 14 kg flywheel, you get a noiseless workout experience, as the mechanisms gear together in silent harmony. The drive system is completely self-powering, including a safe magnetic braking facility that lets users grind to a halt with ease.

The LCD monitor gives good in-depth information about users’ performance during every session. These values include; speed, distance, time, and count. With the help of these indicators, you can more accurately customize your exercise routine to fit your needs.

This elliptical trainer is compatible with the e-Health fitness app that helps you keep track of this information in real-time. With the Bluefin CURV, you are assured to get low-impact workouts that are still very effective, just gentle on the joints.


2. JLL CT600 Elliptical

JLL CT600 Elliptical

  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • Steel material type
  • Max. user weight capacity 135 kg
  • App connectivity (I-CONSOLE)

The JLL CT600 is a high-quality elliptical cross trainer under 1000 which gives users everything that they need from workout equipment. Only equipped with capabilities for elliptical training, users can easily focus on one motion without being distracted by other features. The black and red color gives the machine a sophisticated look that simply intrigues you.

The LCD console display gives users an insight into how well they are doing in their workout sessions, with useful values like; distance, time, speed, calories burned, and count.

With this information, you can easily personalize your workout experience and make your sessions more challenging by setting new goals. The self-reflection you get with this monitor mimics what a real gym instructor will provide you.

With the 6 kg bi-directional flywheel, there is added flexibility for the resistance mechanism to avoid muscle strain. The adjoining pulse sensor gives users the choice of monitoring their heart rate. This is a useful tool for those who suffer from conditions like stroke, diabetes, and HBP to ensure they don’t overdo it.


3. ProForm Cardio Cross Trainer

ProForm Cardio Cross Trainer

  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • Plastic steel material type
  • 150 kg max. user weight capacity
  • Built-in LCD console

The Proform elliptical is a hybrid stepper that users can use to perform effective HIIT training exercises. The imposing workout equipment is a beast that can handle up to a whopping 150 kg, so it is a great choice for the heavy folk. The 13 kg flywheel provides an industrious backbone for your to and fro movement, giving more flexibility.

The LCD console is a useful tool that users can utilize to get the best out of their workouts. It gives calculatable metrics like theoretical distance, speed, time, and calories burned which are good indicators of progress.

With 32 preset workout apps, you get extra value with this elliptical cross trainer under 1000 which is smartphone compatible. Connectable via Bluetooth, users can watch movies, workout videos, or listen to music during a workout, undisturbed by the silent resistance system.

If you’re looking to build strength, gain muscle, and lose weight, then the single-movement action involved with this elliptical is perfect for you. It represents your personal gym at home, helping target specific muscles like the chest, arms, legs, abs, and buttocks.


4. Reebok Cross trainer

Reebok Cross Trainer

  • Manual resistance mechanism
  • Built-in LCD monitor
  • Max. user weight capacity 110 kg
  • Stationary handle type

The Reebok elliptical is a piece of effective workout equipment that does everything you need from a cross-trainer without burning a hole in your pocket. If you’re looking for a top-quality elliptical that fits into your budget, you will do well to find a better option.

With this machine, you can lose weight, improve stamina, and target specific muscles like; the abdominals, chest, limbs, and buttocks. This workout equipment provides a full-body workout in a single motion.

The GX40’s 7 kg flywheel is uniquely designed to give it a challenging, smooth, and most importantly, quiet exercise. This means that users can listen to music, watch movies, or training videos during workouts without sonic disturbance from the cross-trainer.

The Reebok cross trainer under £500 UK provides a low-impact exercise for users while still being very efficient in burning calories and boosting cardiovascular health.

The huge backlit LCD screen is a useful tool that provides feedback from each workout session for users to assess themselves. Metrics like speed, distance, calories burned, and time elapsed are good indicators of your training progress. So, with this information, you can properly customize your training routine to ensure you keep challenging yourself.


5. NordicTrack SE3i Elliptical

NordicTrack SE3i Elliptical

  • Steel material type
  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • Max. user weight capacity 125 kg
  • Backlit LCD screen display

The NordicTrack machine is an elliptical cross trainer under £500 that is very effective at helping users meet their fitness goals. The sleek exterior design makes it fit easily into any room or décor. At 60 kg, this is a slightly heavy cross trainer, but its transportation wheel located right beneath the base makes moving it between rooms easier.

The 5-inch LCD monitor is also very helpful in keeping track of your performance during your workout session. It provides values like speed, distance, calories burned, and heart rate, thanks to the pulse sensors. This information can be used to properly assess your training progress and modify routines when needed, to ensure your regimen is optimized.

With 22 levels of magnetic resistance available, making your workout routine more interesting is not going to be an issue. It allows users to make slight or major adjustments to the difficulty of their routines so they can properly challenge themselves.

A more interesting feature is the Bring Home Interactive Training which is powered by iFIT. A 30-day individual membership will include; studio, global workouts, and live access.


6. Sportstech CX2 Cross trainer

Sportstech CX2 Cross trainer

  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • LCD monitor display
  • 55 kg net item weight
  • Built-in transportation wheels

If you’re looking for an elliptical cross trainer under 500 that meets all the requirements for top-quality workout equipment then the Sportstech CX2. The second product from this company, the CX2 is a similar product to its predecessor in that it provides cheap, effective workouts. With it, you can target the arms, shoulders, quads, thighs, core, and chest with one motion.

Equipped with whisper-quiet motion technology, users of this cross trainer under £500 UK get a noiseless workout experience. The computer-controlled magnetic brake system gives a uniform braking effect which is good on the joints, preventing strain.

The integrated pulse monitor is a useful tool that keeps track of users’ heart rate during exercise. This is important for those suffering from certain health conditions, you can use it to regulate your routine.

The smart console monitor provides you with several indicators of progress that can change the trajectory of your fitness journey. Metrics like speed, distance, and calories burned can be used to modify your workout regimen going forward to optimize results.


7. Bluefin Fitness CURV 2.0 Elliptical

Bluefin Fitness CURV 2.0 Elliptical

  • Aluminum and Plastic material type
  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • Multifunctional LCD
  • Silent Drive system

Bluefin fitness has built a dependable reputation for manufacturing quality products, that’s why there are two from this company on this list. The Bluefin Fitness CURV 2.0 is an impressive piece of workout equipment that meets all your fitness goals. The silent drive system gives users a relatively noiseless workout experience.

The built-in LCD lets you track your activity in real-time, providing you with important statistics. The data monitoring shows you your speed, distance walked, time spent, and calories burned. This information is useful in helping users personalize their workout experience and optimize their benefits.

With extra-wide foot pedals, users get extra width for their feet so they can get a stable, rigid workout done without wobbling. The ergonomic dual handlebars let you push forward or close in with ease, as they are designed for user comfort.

This cross trainer under £1000 UK is compatible with the Kinomap fitness app which features tons of training videos, live coaching, structured workouts, and training classes. A pulse monitor is also a useful tool that helps you keep track of your heart rate, monitoring its fluctuations.


8. Sportstech CX625

Sportstech CX625

  • Max. user weight capacity 110 kg
  • Pulse belt compatible
  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • Multi-functional console

There are few better cross-trainers under 500 than the Sportstech CX625 which is an impeccable piece of workout equipment. This cross trainer is equipped with a quality 3-piece crank system which makes it a durable, rigid machine. The lightweight equipment is quick to assemble with the modular design being a massive advantage, and this, in turn, increases the lifespan of the Sportstech CX625.

The anti-slip peals are made with extra width and length to make your feet’ movement more flexible and comfortable during a workout. Designed with a safety-first mindset, users are offered extra protection with its foam-padded seat which increases comfort during long exercises. Its drive system is grooved which compared to other drive systems requires little to no maintenance.

The magnetic brake system ensures that there are hardly any signs of wear even after a considerable period of use. Its adjustable resistance mechanism lets users have full control over how intense their workouts will be.

With the use of a single knob, you can increase and decrease the level of difficulty of your exercise routine. With built-in transportation wheels, you can easily move this machine from room to room.


9. Branx Fitness Magnetic Elliptical

Branx Fitness Magnetic Elliptical

  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • Iron material type
  • LCD monitor display
  • Max. user weight capacity 135 kg

The Branx Fitness brand always comes up in lists like this for all the right reasons, they have made it a habit to consecutively mix quality and cost, in a good ratio. There is nothing not to like about the smooth, streamlined exterior that gives your room an added elegant touch. The silver chip-resistant paint seamlessly blends into whatever décor you place it in, a rare breed.

There is so much to love about this equipment which has extra-wide foot pedals that are specially designed to keep your feet stable and comfy. Bi-directional movement that works on the hamstrings could be tricky, so the extra padding can never go amiss.

This cross trainer under £1000 boasts a 14.5 kg flywheel that provides it with a noiseless motion, so you can listen to music or watch movies as you exercise. With 16 levels of resistance, you can easily select the level of difficulty of your session. If you don’t plan on working out much that day, you can select a lower intensity and then rev it up on more active days.



There are so many ellipticals in the market right now, so you must know what good-quality equipment should have.

Above are the best cross trainer under £1000 UK for you to peruse from and choose which product best fits your needs.

Don’t forget to check out for the maximum user weight and resistance mechanism so you know exactly what you’re getting.