Best Cross Trainer For Heavy Person UK

Best Cross Trainer For Heavy Person UK

Nowadays cross trainers are one of the best equipment for workout and people want to know about the best cross trainer for heavy person in the UK market, if you are one of them then go through this article where you will find which cross trainer is best for you.

Cross Trainer For Heavy Person Purchase

Here are our 9 best cross trainer for heavy person in the UK market.

1. JTX Strider-X7

JTX Strider-X7

Product Specification:

  • Resistance: magnetic
  • Program: 21
  • Material: steel
  • Display: LCD
  • Best for magnetic resistance

The best cross trainer in the UK is the JTX Strider-X7 and the best feature of the cross trainer is the 16-point electromagnetic resistance so that you can have a smooth and safe exercise on it.

The flywheel is 12.5 kg so you can have a smooth and quiet workout. The machine is durable because of the high-quality steel material and it can carry approximately 100+ weights without any damage and accident.

The machine has an LCD monitor which is 20 cm wide and it helps you to know your progress such as heart rate, speed, distance and real-time including 21 pre-set programs for the workout.

The footplates ensure ankles, knees and hips are aligned so that they can reduce pain, injuries and impacts. The frame size of it is larger than the standard size that helps you to exercise harmlessly.

You can move the cross trainer from one place to another at your convenience with the transportation wheels and the 16-inch stride gives you a smooth and silent movement. The dimension of the JTX Strider-X7 is 130 x 70 x 170 centimetres. So, you can have a budget-friendly cross trainer with the best features and a long-time warranty.


2. NordicTrack Ellipticals

NordicTrack Ellipticals

Product Specification:

  • Material: plastic, steel
  • Resistance: touch
  • Display: 5-inch LCD
  • Pedal Length: 46 to 51 cm
  • Best for longer pedal length

The second-best cross trainer is NordicTrack Ellipticals that has lots of user-friendly features so it is one of the famous brands in the UK. The best feature of this model is the longer pedal length which is from 46 cm to 51 cm so those who have long toes can easily workout on it without any injuries.

The machine is made of plastic and steel that makes it more durable as a result it can carry heavy people without any damage. The machine included a touch resistance so that you can have instance workout and adjust your resistance as your capacity.

The included LCD monitor is 5 inches and you will get 30 days of iFIT membership so that you can watch all the lives, studio and global workouts.

The handles give you support while exercising and a heart sensor is installed on the handles so that it can record your heart rate so you can have effective cardio training. The cross trainer has an integrated bottle holder so that you can drink your favourite beverage while exercising. The dimension is ‎169 x 63 x 169 cm.


3. JLL® CT300

JLL CT300 Home Cross Trainer

Product Specification:

  • Resistance: magnetic
  • Material: steel
  • Display: LCD
  • Drive: belt
  • Best for belt-driven

JLL® CT300 is on the third on our list of cross trainers for the heavy person in the UK and it is best for its belt-driven technology that gives you a quieter workout. The resistance type of the machine is magnetic 1 you can adjust as your preference up to 8 levels. The 5.5 kg flywheel gives a challenging but smooth workout, and the pedals are two-way, permitting you to pedal forward and backwards.

The handlebar has a dual-action system means you can use the swings bar and the central handlebars and a pulse sensor are included on the handlebar. The JILL cross trainer is made of steel so it is more durable and sturdier as a result it can carry up to 100 kg of weight. The LCD monitor is 5 inches and it displays real-time speed, heart rate, distance, burnt calories and time.

The cross trainer has transportable with front built-in wheels so that you can move the machine or store it in a suitable place. A tablet holder is available for your entertainment. The dimension is 120 x 61 x 167 centimetres.


4. Bluefin Fitness CURV 3.0

Bluefin Fitness CURV 3.0 Elliptical

Product Specification:

  • Flywheel: 14 kg
  • Material: aluminium
  • Height range: 162 – 169 cm
  • Maximum Weight: 120 kg
  • Best for tall height people

If your height is up to 5’5” then you can buy this cross trainer for you and it is best for tall heighted people. The Bluefin Fitness CURV 3.0 is a well-known model in the UK and the trainer is made of aluminium that making it long-lasting so that it can carry up to 120 weight which is great for heavily weighted people.

The cross trainer has a heavy-duty 14 kg flywheel and a silent drive system that give an amazing workout environment so that you can have a silent and smooth exercise. it has a magnetic resistance and braking system so that you can do your workout safely and smoothly.

The backlit LCD monitor shows you real-time data and statistics such as speed, time, distance, pulse and burnt calories including 12 programs also you can use a smartphone app for more features.

The pedals of the cross trainer are extra wide and non-slip so that you can get a better exercise without any accident and the dual handlebars are used as support and on it, pulse sensors are installed.


5. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E1405

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E1405

Product Specification:

  • Display: 26 x 33 inches
  • Material: aluminium
  • Drive: chain
  • Flywheel: 7.25 kg
  • Best for high-quality flywheel

On the fifth position, we have Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E1405 which is a famous model for the heavy person and it is best for high-quality flywheel which is a heavy-duty 7.25 kg and allows for an easy momentum startup. The material is made of aluminium that makes the Sunny cross trainer more durable that makes the trainer capable of higher weight.

The chain drive gives an intense workout but smoothly so that you can achieve your target goal. The handlebars have two mode facilities, one is the swing mode where you can swing the handlebar for various exercises and another one is fixed mode position to have a safe and supportive exercise. The felt fabric brake pad system allows for various tension levels.

The dimension of the LCD monitor that is included in the cross trainer is 26 x 33 inches that display real-time speed, distance, burnt calories, scan and time. The pedals are large and anti-slip that giving you a harmless and safe workout.


6. VIAVITO Setry 2 in 1 Elliptical Trainer

Viavito Setry 2 in 1 Elliptical Trainer

Product Specification:

  • Flywheel: 5 kg
  • Programmes: 19
  • Display: backlit LCD
  • Maximum weight: 120 kg
  • Best for readable backlit LCD monitor

The VIAVITO Setry 2 in 1 Elliptical Trainer is a good cross-trainer machine that has lots of useful features and the best feature of the trainer is the backlit LCD monitor which is 5 inches. The display shows your data, progress such as real-time distance, speed, burnt calories, heart rate including 19 programs and targets also there is 4 user profiles.

The heavy-duty flywheel is 5 kg that makes the trainer smooth and quiet. The level of the magnetic resistance is 32 levels and it is computer controlled so you can adjust the resistance at your comfort. The stride length is 31.2 cm so you can easily move the cross trainer to your desired place.

The handlebars give you safety and harmless workout and it includes a pulse rate sensor so that it can record your heart rate. The pedals are non-slippery and large so that you can exercise without any accident. You can adjust the seat vertically and horizontally so that you can adjust your height.


7. We R Sports 2-IN-1 ELLIPTICAL


Product Specification:

  • Frame: tubular steel
  • Resistance: air
  • Display: LCD
  • Pedal: non-slip pedal
  • Best for non-slip pedal

The We R Sports 2-IN-1 ELLIPTICAL is good for the heavy person and its best features are pedals which are large, wide and non-slip that gives you harmless, safe exercise. The frame is made of tubular steel which is very durable and gives you a secure and stable workout without any damage.

The adjustable resistance is the air that is adjustable that creates a precise exercise session with the variable resistance. For resistance adjustability, there is a tension knob. The LCD monitor has 4 functions available which are time, speed, distance and burnt calories.

The cross trainer claims that it burns 5 times more calories than walking. The platform is the extra-wide and dual direction forward and backward elliptical action.

The sports trainers are made of high-quality steel material that maximizes the weight capacity of up to 110 kg. You need to assemble the trainers and it is easy to assemble. The dimension of the We R Sports 2-IN-1 ELLIPTICAL is 128cm (l) x 50.5cm (w) x 154cm (h).


8. Neezee Elliptical Cross Trainer

Neezee Elliptical Cross Trainer

Product Specification:

  • Resistance: magnetic
  • Weight capacity: 120 kg
  • Monitor: LCD
  • Material: steel
  • Best for a large comfortable seat

Neezee Elliptical Cross Trainer is good for every user and the best feature of this machine is the large comfortable adjustable seat that is suitable for men, women, seniors and teenagers to work out and to maintain good health. The pedal is extra wide and the maximum foot size is 12 and the elliptical machine is ideal for exercise that gives you a painless, stress-free workout.

The LCD monitor displays speed, distance, calories, time, heart rate and pulse sensors that maintain goal heart rate to make you up to date and informed. The heart rate sensor is installed on the handles and the handles are supportive for you while exercising. The magnetic resistance is adjustable and you can adjust it with the resistance knob very easily as your preference.

The flywheel is 5 lb which increases stability, two-way technology which is forward and backward so that you can strengthen your quadriceps and hamstrings muscles. The cross trainer is made of steel and aluminium that making the machine durable as a result it can carry a higher weight capacity of up to 265 lbs. The dimension is ‎100 x 48 x 150 cm.


9. Dripex Elliptical Cross Trainer

Dripex Elliptical Cross Trainer

Product Specification:

  • Display: LCD
  • Material: steel
  • Noise level: 20 dB
  • Flywheel: 13.2 LBS
  • Best for a silent workout environment

The last cross trainer of the article is Dripex Elliptical Cross Trainer which is no less than other cross trainers and if you are looking for a silent cross trainer then it is good for you because the noise level is 20 dB so you can do your exercise even at night.

The magnetic resistance is adjustable up to 8 levels so that you can easily adjust the intensity of your training with the resistance knob. The Cross Trainer is made of steel that makes the machine durable and maximizes the weight up to 120 kg. The LCD monitor displays time, speed, calories, odometer and pulse.

The flywheel is 13.2 lbs which is a heavy-duty flywheel made of steel pipe that gives you a smooth but intense workout. The pedal is anti-gravity and anti-slip so that you can do fast exercises without any accident. The dimension of the seat is 40.7 x13 x19.7 inches that are wide for the users.



These are the most popular and best cross trainers in the UK with different features so now you can buy one of them as your preference.

But if you want to know my opinion then I would say JTX Strider-X7 and NordicTrack Ellipticals are the best cross trainer among them.