Best Cheap Cross Trainer UK

Best Cheap Cross Trainer UK – Reviews 2023

Many people particularly beginners look for the best cheap cross trainer in the UK to fulfill their workout requirements on an affordable budget.

If you are one among them this article can be a good read for you as we have discussed nine brilliant cross trainers which come at an inexpensive price.

9 Best Budget Cross Trainer Reviews

Here are our 9 cheap elliptical cross trainer in the UK.

1. Sunny Health & Fitness Unisex’s SF-E905

Sunny Health & Fitness Unisex's SF-E905

Product Specification:

  • Material: steel
  • Display Size: 13 inches
  • Weight: 31.3 kilograms
  • Maximum weight capacity: 100 kilograms
  • Best for 8 resistance levels

Sunny Health & Fitness has created Unisex’s SF-E905 cross trainer, which features a simple and space-saving design while also, provides an effective training experience. The SF-E905 has an eight-level adjustable magnetic resistance system that makes the workout more rigorous and effective depending on the fitness level of the user.

Beginners may adjust the resistance to fit their training regimen, while professionals and advanced users can increase the resistance to make their workout more intense and efficient. The micro tension controller allows tailoring the resistance and pace of the workout easily in no time.

The inbuilt transportation wheel makes the storage and movement of the trainer much easier for the users. The LCD panel displays time, speed, calories, pulse, and distance, providing users with an accurate view of their progress and health status. The pulse sensor helps you burn more calories by monitoring your ideal heart rate. During a strenuous workout, the foot stabilisers assist in keeping the trainer steady.

The elliptical trainer includes anti-slip moving arms and foot platforms, making the training more secure and stable. With the anti-slip foot pedals, you won’t have to worry about sliding or slipping during hard and fast pedalling. The cross trainer weighs 31.3 kilos and can carry a user weight of up to 100 kg. This steel-made trainer’s higher weight-bearing capacity makes it ideal for gyms, workplaces, and large families.


2. XS Sports Pro 2-in1 Elliptical Cross Trainer

XS Sports Pro 2-in1 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Product Specification:

  • Dimension: 122 x 60 x 154 cm
  • Weight: 28 kilograms
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 110 kilograms
  • Monitor: LCD
  • Best for defined monitoring

Monitoring that is accurate and error-free is important because it will offer you an idea of your fitness level and health state. You will also be able to make more informed selections and accurately establish your training objective.

This XS Sports Pro cross trainer has an advanced LCD monitor that displays exercise data in real-time and enables accurate session monitoring. The monitor displays the following information: pulse, speed, scan, heart rate, time, and distance. The monitor provides more defined updates since it collects data from both the centre and the front.

The dimension of this 2 in 1 cross trainer is 122 x 60 x 154 cm and the weight is 28 kilograms. This cross trainer’s customizable features allow for a comfortable and seamless exercise that will help you accomplish your fitness goals quickly. You can modify the power and tempo to meet your fitness and health needs due to the adjustable resistance.

The chip-resistant CE certified cross trainer elliptical machine is extremely strong and long-lasting. The heavy-duty cross trainer is suitable for those who have weight up to 110 kg, making it ideal for obese and overweight individuals.

As you can use this bike as an upright cross trainer as well as a seated bike, you can get full-body exercise while saving money and space. Working out on this cross-trainer will target your hips, legs, buttocks, shoulders, and arms, as well as providing a dual-direction elliptical exercise.


3. JLL® CT200 Home Cross Trainer

JLL CT200 Home Cross Trainer

Product Specification:

  • Dimension: 115.5 x 75 x 158 cm
  • Weight: 30.5 kilograms
  • Handle type: stationary
  • Resistance level: eight
  • Best for bi-directional heavier flywheel

As the JLL® CT200 cross trainer has a heavy and bi-directional and heavier flywheel; it makes the workout more effective and smoother. The heavier flywheel intensifies the effort, resulting in a more profitable and effective workout. Furthermore, larger flywheels make the workout noise-free, ensuring no disturbance to your family and neighbours.

The 8 magnetic resistance levels allow users to customize the intensity of their training based on their fitness and health. They can also raise the resistance over time as their skills and fitness status improves.

The dimension of the cross trainer is 115.5 x 75 x 158 cm and the weight is 30.5 kilograms. The cross trainer is more effective with the belt-drive mechanism, which also requires less maintenance. The trainer is also extremely smooth, noise-free, and long-lasting because of the belt-driven technology. The handlebars have an integrated sensor that can measure your heart rate, allowing you to track your progress and compare it to your ideal number.

The seven function monitor shows the time, distance, speed, pulse, odometer, and calories burned which means you will get an accurate idea of your workout progress. The real-time readings will offer you a clear picture of your workout and help you better plan your next session.

While completing an intensive workout, the dual-action handlebars will provide you with a great grip and balance. The non-slip footplates may fit any foot size and maintain the feet in the proper position, ensuring a more stable workout.


4. BTM Elliptical Cross Trainer

BTM Elliptical Cross Trainer

Product Specification:

  • Dimension: 100 x 47 x 161 cm
  • Weight: 30.5 kilograms
  • Flywheel weight: 5 kilograms
  • Material: Steel & Plastic
  • Best for a noiseless workout experience

The BTM Elliptical is the ideal choice for you if you want to have a cross-trainer in your home gym but are concerned about noise and sound generation. The quiet magnetic resistance technology will allow you to exercise more effectively while reducing noise.

You may work out whenever and wherever you choose without bothering your neighbours, co-workers, or family members. The trainer’s main component is commercial-grade steel, which makes it extremely durable and long-lasting.

The LCD console displays distance, calories burnt, time, speed, and calories burned in real-time. During a hard workout, the extra-large footboards and adjustable handlebars will help you maintain appropriate balance and hold on to the trainer. The dimension of this cross trainer is 100 x 47 x 161 cm and the weight is 30.5 kilograms.

The cross trainer’s 8 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance allow you to customize the intensity and speed of your workout, making it suitable for both beginners and professionals. The cross trainer simulates the natural motion of the joints, ankles, and knees, resulting in a low-impact workout that permits users to exercise for longer periods and accomplish their fitness goals more quickly. The 5-kilogram weighted flywheel intensifies the training and speeds up the results. This strong and durable steel-made cross-trainer can accommodate people weighing up to 330 pounds.


5. Body Sculpture BE1660

Body Sculpture BE1660

Product Specification:

  • Dimension: 102.5 x 61 x 154 cm
  • Weight: 27.26 kilograms
  • Resistance: adjustable magnetic
  • Material: steel
  • Best for enhanced adjustability

The Body Sculpture cross trainer features increased adjustability, making it appropriate for persons of all fitness levels, ages, genders, weights, and body types. The BE1660’s adjustable magnetic resistance system allows customers to customize the intensity and power of their workout to their own needs. The cushioned seat’s adjustable height will also allow users to equalize the seat height according to their height, making the workout less demanding on their waist and lower body.

The built-in pulse sensors will allow you to monitor your body’s and heart’s reaction to the intensity of your workout. You may also keep track of your progress with easy-to-read displays that display distance, hand pulse, time, calories, and scan. Since you can put your phone or tablet in the integrated smart device holder, the workout is more enjoyable.

The 4 kg weighted flywheel makes the training sessions smoother and nearly silent, and it also allows for a more intensive workout. The broad anti-slip footplates can suit a variety of foot sizes, allowing users of all sizes to work out and accomplish their fitness goals on this cross-trainer.

The adjustable handlebars will give you a good grip and you can have proper balance and control during a powerful workout. The steel material makes the trainer quite robust and durable which means you don’t have to do maintenance repeatedly. The dimension of the cross trainer is 102.5 x 61 x 154 cm and the weight is 27.26 kilograms.


6. JTX Strider-X7

JTX Strider-X7

Product Specification:

  • Dimension: 130 x 70 x 170 cm
  • Weight: 54 kilograms
  • Material: steel
  • Resistance levels: sixteen
  • Best for 21 programmes

The JTX Strider-X7 features 21 wide varieties of programs that will make your workout more challenging as well as pleasant. The workout programs include hill, interval, heart rate monitoring, fat burning, etc. You can choose any of these programs with the large touch screen monitor easily in no time.

Though this cross trainer comes at a lower price you can enjoy a lot of facilities that are available in a high-end cross-trainer. The dimension of the cross trainer is 130 x 70 x 170 cm and the weight is 54 kilograms.

The trainer will allow you to have a low impact workout which means you won’t have much pressure or strain in your body and can continue your exercise for a longer time. The heavier flywheel with 12.5 kilograms of weight and the 16-inch stride make the workout stable, smooth and quiet.

The 16 levels of magnetic resistance allow the users to set the intensity and power of the workout according to their workout goal and fitness level. People with different fitness levels, ages, gender and height can do a workout on this affordable cross-trainer.

The robust cross trainer can take up to 130 kilograms of user weight which makes it suitable for any purpose. The LCD monitor shows the speed, time, distance and heart rate for easy and convenient tracking of the workout progress.


7. Neezee Elliptical Cross Trainer

Neezee Elliptical Cross Trainer

Product Specification:

  • Dimension: 100 x 48 x 150 cm
  • Weight: 24.5 kilograms
  • Material: alloy steel
  • Resistance: adjustable
  • Best for maximum 120 kilograms user weight

The Neezee cross trainer is so robust and sturdy that it can accommodate up to 120 kilograms of user weight. Usually, the budget cross trainers come with lower user weight accommodation capacity.

But this elliptical cross trainer is a great choice for heavy weighted and obese people as they can easily do a workout on this cross trainer, lose weight and can achieve their desired weight measurement. The dimension of the cross trainer is 100 x 48 x 150 cm and the weight is 24.5 kilograms.

The adjustable resistance mechanism allows the users to set the intensity of their workout according to their age, fitness level, and gender and workout goals. This affordable cross trainer is a great option for a home gym as you don’t have to spend much.

The adjustable large seat will allow you to do a workout for a longer duration without any strain on your back and waist. The front-mounted flywheel ensures extra stability and makes your workout smoother. The forward and backward elliptical workout mimics the movement of natural walking that makes the workout quite low impact.

The 1 meter long easy to read LCD monitor shows exercise data such as time, speed, pulse, calories and distance which means you can track and record your workout progress very easily. The maximum height recommendation for this cross trainer is 150 centimetres.


8. New Image Maxi-Glider 360

New Image Maxi Glider 360

Product Specification:

  • Resistance level: five
  • Modes: 6
  • Maximum user weight: 110 pounds
  • Resistance: adjustable
  • Best for low impact workout

The New Image 360 cross trainer allows you to have a low impact workout which means there will not be much stress and strain in your body even when you are doing intense sessions. Low impact workouts are also effective for elderly people who are recovering from injuries and they can lose weight and achieve their fitness goal easily and smoothly.

The 10-in-1 elliptical machine with 360-degree calorie-burning motion and muscle toning impact makes your workout more efficient and fruitful. You can also improve the mobility, strength and flexibility of your body with this low-impact elliptical cross trainer.

The elliptical will help you to have a full-body workout by working on your hamstrings, quads, outer and inner thighs, deep and surface glutes, triceps, biceps, abs and chest. The 5 levels of adjustable resistance will allow you to set the intensity so you can tailor your workout force and pace according to your health requirements. The digital progress monitor can track the time, RPM, scan, burnt calories and heart rate.

The tablet holder can hold your smart device and make your workout more pleasant by removing monotony. The strong trainer can accommodate up to 110 kilograms of user weight which makes it suitable for use for different purposes. The 4 diverse movement types will make your workout more challenging and stimulating.


9. HOMCOM Air Walker Glider Cross Trainer

HOMCOM Air Walker Glider Cross Trainer

Product Specification:

  • Dimension: 96 x 60 x 152 cm
  • Weight: 18.5 kilograms
  • Material: plastic and steel
  • Monitor: LCD
  • Best for a full-body workout

The HOMCOM air cross trainer will allow you to full-body workout as this elliptical targets your legs, buttocks, waist as well as upper body. When you are maintaining the upright posture you are increasing the endurance and stability of your upper body whereas the moving ergonomic handlebars condition and tone the muscles of your upper body.

You can simulate a running or walking gesture on this elliptical trainer according to your energy level and workout routine. The dimension of the elliptical machine is 96 x 60 x 152 cm and the weight is 18.5 kilograms.

The LCD monitor tracks the calories, count, and time, speed and distance so that the user can observe their workout progress effortlessly. The major material of this cross trainer is steel, EVA and plastic that makes it a robust and durable exercise machine.

You don’t have to repair the cross trainer repeatedly which makes it cost and time-saving. As this elliptical is a low impact machine you can have brilliant cardio exercise without stressing your joints, knees and ankles.

You can have a 180-degree motion with free-range and build, strengthen and tone your legs and glutes by moving the legs forward and backwards. According to the cheap price of this trainer, it is a brilliant elliptical machine for performing effective workout sessions in your home gym.



Although these cross trainers come at a cheap price that doesn’t mean the quality and effectiveness will disappoint you. If you go through our article you can get the best cheap cross trainer in the UK according to your requirements.

However, we will suggest you have the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-E905 for its multiple attributes.