Best Budget Rowing Machine UK

Best Budget Rowing Machine UK – Reviews 2023

Today we will review some of the best budget rowing machine available in the UK market, which becomes an effective way of burning fat or extra calories from your body.

Rowing machines come with multi-level adjustment facilities and gives a convenient exercise to all types of users.

Top 9 Cheap Rowing Machines Reviews

Here are our 9 most affordable rowing machine in the UK.

1. Body Sculpture BR3010

Body Sculpture BR3010

Product Specifications:

  • Resistance level: Adjustable
  • Max user cap 100KG
  • Material Aluminum
  • Dimension 120L x 32W x 19.2H cm
  • Best for 3 tension cord in resistance

Body Sculpture is another name of quality, offering a multifunctional and adjustable cable resistance system with three tension cords to set-high, low & medium levels.

Three levels of resistance help to fulfill the versatile needs of users according to their height, weight and age. Body Sculpture BR3010 is one the most attractive budget-friendly rowing machine that includes a lot of features for the users.

Another outstanding outset of this machine is its a two-in-one feature. The machine itself is a built-in gym that allows the users to strengthen their arms, chest, shoulders, lats and abs. It’s an ideal option for full-body muscular toning.

The machine has a built-in computer that can track the physical activities and monitor the progress of the user. It can track calories burnt, total count, scan and thus helps you to track your workout condition as well as progressive outline. Besides, the machine is easily foldable and movable thereby, it requires low storage space.

The machine has secure footplates for a secure workout experience. The footplates have Velcro straps that ensure the secure and stable positioning of your foot during a workout.

Altogether, the package has compact installation features and a complementary instructional DVD that helps you to know more about your workout machine and makes you pro before starting.


2. XS Sports R310

XS Sports R310

Product Specifications:

  • Resistance level 10
  • Max user cap 100KG
  • Material alloy steel
  • Dimension 181 x 50 x 48 cm
  • Best for 4 kg inner magnetic belt-driven system

XS Sports R310 is a name for a strong, durable and reliable rowing experience. The compact-built and uniquely designed machine has a foldable feature that saves storage space.

The strongly build machine can hold up to 100 kg of weight, so users can use it with confidence. The most exciting offering by the manufacturer is the 12-month warranty that allows the users to use it as their requirement.

The machine is structurally beast. The quality control unit ensures that the machine undergoes stringent quality inspections and hundreds of hours of development that makes it such a strong and compact device.

The magnet resistance system with 10 levels of traction makes it easier and more reliable to the users. The 4 kg inner magnetic flywheel ensures a smooth and comfortable rowing experience.

The machine has an LCD monitor to track the workout improvement. The monitor gives a view of the total count, max/min count, calories burned, scan and quality of paddling grip as well.

The piece of machine is built to create a revolutionary impact in the rowing machine market. Its professional design and mobility make it a pro device to use both at home and outdoor gym. Its foldable design allows making it less space-consuming and more work-worthy.


3. JLL® R200 Luxury Home Rowing Machine

JLL R200 Luxury Home Rowing Machine

Product Specifications:

  • Resistance level 10
  • Max user cap 100KG
  • Material alloy steel
  • Dimension 180L x 52W x 49H cm
  • Best for 7 function LCD monitor

JLL® R200 Luxury Home Rowing Machine is one of the best budget-friendly and vastly featured rowing machines in the market. It comes with a lot of exciting and safety features and all these within your budget range. One of the most exciting features of this machine is its selective range of resistance control.

The machine has a 10-level magnetic resistance control that allows the users to use the machine safely and confidently.

The machine gets an extra rapid response from the users by using the belt-driven transmission system. The belt works as a transmission media of pull between the user and the rowing machine and the first reacting action of the belt makes it more joyful and charming to use.

The machine is easily foldable and transportable. The compact design of the machine makes it simple to keep one place folded and the inbuilt wheel system makes it more mobile. Besides, the machine has CE and EN957 safety standardization testing that allows the users to use this machine more safely and effectively.

The machine comes with a built workout monitoring system. The mounted LCD of the machine tracks the total count, calories burnt, count/minute, distance covered, scan and time that helps a user to track his progress as well as helps to set the next goal.


4. BTM Indoor home rowing machine

BTM Indoor home rowing machine

Product Specifications:

  • Resistance level 8
  • Max user cap 150 kg
  • Material alloy steel, Aluminium
  • Dimension L 190 * W 47.5 * H 74 cm
  • Best for noiseless folding system

The indoor home rowing Machin from BMT offers a lot of outstanding and sophisticated technologies that a user can’t think about within this budget. The build quality of this machine is quite remarkable.

The machine is built with a heavy-duty steel frame and accessories that make it structurally active and durable. Furthermore, the machine surface is furnished with a wear-resistant surface that prevents the machine from getting rust and dust.

The machine has great mobility for its foldability and smoothness. The users can easily fold the machine and keep it in a suitable corner that saves storage space. The smooth glide sliding rails helps to use the machine smoothly and noise-free. The addition of a 4-base transport rolling wheel makes it even more handy and mobile.

The fearless heavy-duty machine needs a strong resistance mechanism to use it with confidence. To fulfil the demand this machine has 8 levels of resistance to control the workout.

The tension knob helps to readjust the workout intensity and resistance and thus helps the users to strengthen the upper body or makes the whole body into the workout, the tether use of resistance is the best solution. All these features add more attraction with the inclusion of LCD that helps to track user’s workout progress.


5. Body Sculpture BR1000

Body Sculpture BR1000

Product Specifications:

  • Resistance level12
  • Max user cap 100
  • Material Aluminium, Plastic
  • Dimension 138.5 x 42.5 x 40 cm
  • Best for an adjustable incline

Body Sculpture BR1000 brings the quality rowing machine with a motto of delivering a smooth riding experience to the users. The addition of a 6-wheel carriage under the seat adds an extra kick of smoothness to the riding experience.

The machine has a large range of resistance regulation options. It has 12 levels of hydraulic resistance with a hydraulic cylinder that allows the user to set their intensity and control their progress note quite easily and confidently. The machine has an adjustable inclined positioning system that allows the user to increase the intensity of the workout.

The mobility of the machine is extraordinary as it is very light in weight and foldable. Besides, the bottom wheels allow smooth and frictionless transportability. The machine has an LCD to track the workout progress.

With the proper use of this tracking LCD, you can monitor your intensity of the workout, distance count, heart rate, calories burnt etc. All these data will help you to track your progress rate as well as set up a fixed goal of working intensity.

All these handful features come with a 12 monthly manufacturer’s warranty. Along with this warranty, the easy assembly instruction and dedicated UK helpline make it a must-have workout product for every health-conscious person.


6. HOMCOM Rowing Machine

HOMCOM Rowing Machine

Product Specifications:

  • Resistance level 12
  • Max user cap 100kg
  • Material Steel, PVC
  • Dimension 130 x 47.5 x 67 cm
  • Best for Hydraulic resistant mechanism

HOMCOM Rowing Machine commits to change the user experience of rowing machines to its users. The smoothness and structural durability make it one unique piece of workout tool. The machine comes with 12 levels of resistance that makes it one of the smoothest rowing machines to work with.

The machine has an ergonomic design and smooth finishing. The machine is structurally made with durable steel that makes it reliable and durable. The design gives structural stability and confidence. The addition of a smooth-running padded wide seat along with the non-slip handlebars gives an aristocrat feel to use.

The machine helps to work on the whole body. Its extra inclined design helps to work on legs, arms, back and abdomen and thus makes it a whole-body workout set.

The machine is quite compact in design and can be transported within the room spaces with ease. The addition of base wheels makes it more suitable to move and transport.

The most important addition is the LCD tracking panel. The tracking panel helps to track time, calories burnt, heart rate, total count and scan. Combined use of all these data helps to monitor and track your daily workout progress and to set a future workout plan.


7. Viavito Sumi Folding Rowing Machine

Viavito Sumi Folding Rowing Machine

Product Specifications:

  • Resistance level 10
  • Max user cap 120 kg
  • Material alloy steel
  • Dimension 178L x 53W x 48H cm
  • Best for 7 Kg flywheel

The human demand for workout tools changes over the few decades. With the ever-changing demand, rowing machine manufacturers also update themselves with new illustrations. Viavito Sumi Folding Rowing Machine is one perfect example of the work on the demand of users and updates themselves to give the best possible services to the user.

The lightweight machine has 10- level friction-free resistance system that gives it a silk-like feel to work with. The multi-level resistance s=mechanism helps the user to set their desired workout setting and the friction-free flywheel gives them a premium feel.

The machine has an ergonomic design with a movable comfort seat. The large paddle foot straps are mounted on a tubular steel frame that gives a comfortable and premium feel. Furthermore, the structure is mounted on base wheels that help to move the machine flawlessly. The mobility, foldability and design make it a multipurpose workout machine.

Along with other features, the machine includes a compact and well-designed instrumentation cluster. The LCD can track time, distance, calories, distance per minute, strokes per minute etc. All these features allow you to make a proper workout plan and track your progress and helps you to grow confidence in your workout.


8. Niceday Rowing Machine

Niceday Rowing Machine

Product Specifications:

  • Resistance level 12
  • Max user cap 100 kg
  • Material alloy steel
  • Dimension 135 x 51 x 54 cm
  • Best for Hydraulic Resistance mechanism

Niceday Rowing Machine gives a positive think graph to its users just like its nice name. The machine has some extraordinary features that can amaze the users. The most attractive part about the machine is its multi-functional resistance system. The machine has 12 levels of hydraulic resistance that helps the users to set their desired workout intensity and dynamics.

The machine has a well-built compact design. The high alloy frame along with a comfortable seat makes it a handier and more peaceful device. The fully cushioned padded handlebars give comfort in hold and grip. A wide handlebar helps to get a good hold of the machine.

The machine is easily foldable and transportable that allows the users to keep it anywhere they like. The Transportability and lightweight make it a universal device to work.

One of the most important features that add to its acceptability is its LCD monitor panel. The little panel can help you out with a lot of pathfinding options. The panel can track heart rate, count calories, calculate time and distance, monitor your body condition and thereby gives you a perfect setup to go through your goal perfectly.


9. Greensen Rowing Machines

Greensen Rowing Machines

Product Specifications:

  • Resistance level: Adjustable
  • Max user cap 246.5 ponds
  • Material alloy steel
  • Monitor LCD
  • Best for multifunctional facility

Greensen Rowing Machines is an excellent option for an aerobic workout that offers a lot of trendy features as well as some unique interventions. The machine works directly on the chest, core, abdomen,

Mechanism. The magnetic resistance system works directly on the impact point of your workout parts and thereby helps to attain your desired workout plan. gluteal muscles, upper body and lower body and thus helps to get your body to your desired and useful shape. The output from the machine is twice as much as cycling and outdoor running.

The users can set up the machine according to their workout demand and physical condition using its adjustable resistance

The machine is not only structurally durable and compact but also smooth and delegate. Its soft and adjustable seat along with high resilience foam pad makes it very unique and user-friendly. Furthermore, it has an adjustable large base that makes the frame easy to adjust according to your demand.

The machine has an LCD panel to track your heal progress as well as a condition during the workout. The LCD helps to track calories, time count, and distance and thereby give you a suitable direction whether you need to increase the intensity or stabilize. All these exciting features make it a more worthy and high demanded workout object.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are cheap rowing machines any good?

Cheap doesn’t always mean a low quality product as there are lots of renowned companies trying to provide good quality product in budget to reach the maximum customer. But of course with high price comes more quality full product also sometimes.

Can you lose belly fat on a rowing machine?

The answer is undoubtedly “YES”. Rowing machine provide full body workout such as belly, abs legs etc. But of course you will not get the result immediately, no machine can provide that. With regular exercise with the rowing machine one can get rid of the stubborn belly fat.


All of the above-discussed inexpensive rowing machines are best in quality and work as fast fat burning machines for all level users.

But in comparison to another rowing machine available in the UK market, Body Sculpture BR3010 comes with modern facilities and provide multifunction facilities.