Benefits Of Rowing Machine

Benefits Of Rowing Machine

Rowing is a low impact workout that will help you to increase your endurance by strengthening and toning your muscles. In this write-up, we will elaborately discuss the advantages of rowing.
Full-body workout

You may consider rowing only affects the arms but in reality, it is a full-body workout that engages 86% muscles of your body. According to the experts rowing strokes engage 65%-75% of the leg and 25-35% of the upper body.

Rowing machines mainly target the pecs, upper back, abdominal muscles, arms and oblique. Also, it strengthens the muscles of the legs such as claves, quadriceps and glutes. The drive part primarily engages the leg muscles or while pushing the foot stretcher.

Suitable for Different Fitness level

A rowing machine will allow you to include rowing in your regular fitness routine and this workout is also safer for blind people and people with limited eyesight.

Rowing five days a week for six weeks resulted in a substantial reduction in calories and total fat percentage of the body, according to a study of Trusted Source in 2015. The study included 24 adults with impaired eyesight. In addition, the individuals’ cholesterol levels reduced, and their back strength and trunk flexion considerably improved.

You can reap the benefits of indoor rowing with a rowing machine in your house. Rowing will help you to straighten and endurance your muscles. However, you should consult your doctor you are new to rowing.

Low-impact Workout

Rowing burns a lot more calories while placing no extra strain on the joints. It is a fantastic workout to turn to for active rehabilitation since it allows you to regulate the movement and tempo.

It’s occasionally an exercise alternative for persons with osteoarthritis in the initial stages. Running and plyometrics are both high-impact activities compared to rowing.

A study of 24 adults in 2014 over eight weeks stated that joint rotations or torques in the shoulder, elbow, knee and lumbar improved by 30%

Meditative Benefit

Rowing has a mind-body connection that means it will not affect your body only, but your mind and mental state too. Though rowing on the water has the most relaxing and soothing effects, you may still attain a powerful impact through indoor rowing.

This is because the ergometer’s gliding motion, smoothness and the repeated moves allow the mind to operate on autopilot.

The movements include four steps of the rowing stroke which are catch, drive, finish and recovery. Rowing also helps to release the endorphins hormone that reduces stress and can make you feel good.

Benefits on the Lungs and Heart

Rowing is a low-impact cardio exercise that strengthens the cardiovascular system including the blood, heart and blood vessels. the strong cardio system delivers vital elements all through the body, such as oxygen and nutrients.

The heart needs to work extra hard to get more blood to the body because rowing is quite a strenuous exercise. This can help to strengthen the heart and might be useful for people who have or are at risk of developing cardiac issues.

The Comparison of Rowing Machine with Elliptical or Treadmill

At the first time, many of us may overlook the rowing machine as a workout machine at the gym. But when compared to other workout equipment, such as the elliptical and treadmill, you will rapidly get to know the advantages of the rowing machine.

The treadmill, for example, focuses on the lower body mostly, but the rowing machine gives you a full-body exercise. While the elliptical and rowing machine both trains the upper and lower body, the rowing machine also affects the core with every stroke.

There are a few more significant distinctions to make, particularly when it comes to buying a rowing machine. You can simply fold up the rowing machine and store it in your convenient place when you are not working out on it. This is a huge advantage for individuals who live in small houses and apartments.

The rowing machine is also considerably quieter than a treadmill which will not disturb your neighbours if you are living in a condo or flat with people below you. Rowing machines are also less expensive than treadmills.

The Amount of Burnt Calories Using a Rowing Machine

As per the study of Harvard Health, if a 125-pound individual does vigorous rowing for 30 minutes, he can burn 255 calories. Whereas, a 155-pound individual burns 316 calories and a 185-pounds burns 377 calories.

On the other hand, a 125-pound person burns 270 calories on an elliptical machine in 30 minutes whereas a 155-pound burns 355 calories and a 185-pound burns 400 calories.

Here, we can see the amount of burned calories will mostly depend on your weight and other factors such as workout duration, intensity, gender, age, metabolism level, fitness level, etc. If you can make a good combination of regular rowing and a balanced diet it will help you to stay in shape and to be active.

Some Tips to Follow

Undoubtedly rowing is a low-impact and effective workout that will help you to strengthen your joints and muscles. Also, it will help you to maintain your mental state and mood.

However, while going to row, you should follow some forms and techniques which will make your workout more effective and you will be able to reap the benefits rapidly. You do not need to be competitive in a rowing machine to reach your goal but following some tips may help more.

Maintaining a Good Posture

Injury or strain can result from poor postures, such as rounded shoulders, or improper form. For many rowers, low back discomfort is a major problem.
According to a 2015 study, men rowers reported 25% to 81% of their injuries in the low back.

Not activating the abdominal muscles with each stroke is a major cause of low back discomfort. The lower spine pushes to compensate for weak abdominal muscles when the shoulders are in a rounded posture.

Another typical mistake is pushing with the legs while also leaning back. It’s vital to keep these movements distinct: first, push with your legs, then lean back and tighten your abdominals before pulling your arms back to you.

Avoid Overexerting during the Initial Stage

You should stop your workout when you are tired to make your workout more fruitful and to maintain a proper form. You can make rowing a habit in this way. Usually, the experts suggest not to complete stressful rowing sessions when you are already tired from other powerful workout sessions.

You should not go for high-load weight lifting before performing a powerful and high-intense rowing session. If you undergo powerful rowing sessions in a tired state it may cause you injuries, pain in the joints and muscles as well as severe long-term effects. So you should avoid taking extra stress when your body is not ready and tired already.

The rowing machine is low-impact workout equipment comparing to elliptical and treadmills. If you follow these tips and try to be in the proper form you can have ample benefits from rowing.

You can reap the benefits of indoor rowing with a rowing machine in your house. Rowing will help you to straighten and endurance your muscles. However, you should consult your doctor you are new to rowing.

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